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Discussion in 'TV' started by boarder1, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. boarder1

    boarder1 Member

    how can anyone be satisfied with television today? honestly, you can't watch a single channel without being exposed to some idiotic reality show where people act like playing some futile game every night for the reward of not being kicked off (kicked out of reality?) actually matters in the world. this stuff is ridiculous. and even more suprising is the fact that the general public actually watches this crap. maybe they watch because they can't find anything else at the time and they have no desire to get out and appreciate life outside of the wonderful technological bliss of today. i don't know. i hope this is the case, as opposed to people actually liking these shows. i, myself, do own a television set, which i find quite enjoyable to use for an occasional movie. i do not however have a cable subscription, or any other sort of tv subscription. i refuse to pay for such crap, and i hate that so many people today would rather sit at home and watch their "idiot boxes" rather than actually participating in society. go live your own reality show. you will find that it is quite different than anything portrayed on your television set.

    please discuss...
  2. I don't have cable simply b/c the majority of the channels I don't need or care for. I wish there was a way to just pick the channels that you want. I also think it's stupid that next year there's no more "free" channels that you can just get with an antenna - you just have to pay for it.
  3. boarder1

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    haha nothing is ever free anymore
  4. greenryder

    greenryder Member

    that really pissed my off when I first heard about that...I think it's 2010 when you can no longer use an antenna here in Canada.
    At the most I watch six, seven channels.
  5. greenryder

    greenryder Member

    As for reality shows...I'm not sure how people can sit through an hour of the biggest loser, or any of the Idol shows.

    The extent of any TV I watch is the odd show on Canadian TV and sports. That's about it.
  6. blackcat666

    blackcat666 Senior Member

    next year you can still get free channels with an antenna. all you need do is get a dt converter box to hook up to your television. the government here in the u.s.a. is giving out up to two couponds pre household worth $40.00 each. in about may or june of this year echostar will be selling the boxes for $39.95. that means with the coupons two boxes will be free or, a few dollers over the coupons price. you must apply for the couponds by calling: 1-888-388-2009 the couponds will be good for 90 days after they are mailed. you might need to buy dt antenna. some cost $500.00 but, you can get a very good one for around $ 40.00. order your couponds quickly. once the fund is use up, the government won't put more money in to it. i have run into so many people like yourself who don't know about this program.
  7. Thank you! That's a really good idea!
  8. kristina777

    kristina777 Member

    I second that! Get only the channels you want... I think the more channels people have, the more they should pay for them. Most stuff on TV is either reality shwos (which will eventualy be on DVD) and TV sitcoms and crime shows (which'll also eventualy be on DVD).
    I mostly use my TV to watch DVDs on weekends, and on weeknights I watch news shows for two or three hours.
  9. i like sky tv not the subscription , service but the free one over my head its only 1. channel but never gets - old (no reruns]
  10. Sitka

    Sitka viajera

    Everybody needs some downtime. People just tend to overindulge.
  11. Lol the only show I watch is "That 70's Show"
    Other than that, TV is stupid
  12. J0hn

    J0hn Phantom

    In England, London region, we have the standard five channels if you don't have a new set top box thingy jacked up its scart. Although I have had Freeview in the past, it still didn't seem to offer any real entertainment. It was just idiotic shows like , Girl on sofa with telephone, Gavin And Stacey, American Dad. I mean this is all pretty rubbish. On my 1980's tv set, I found this dumped by a roadside in the arrid desert of suburbia, a while back. I have five on channel 7 and channel four becomes fuzzy. Recently I discovered Freesat from the BBC. It is a new service which involves Satelite. It is rumoured to have 200 channels by Christmas. But Sky do a similar thing but you get over two hundred channels free, plus you got the option to subscribe at a later date. I think channels like Zone Reality, Zone Thriller, seem to be quite entertaining and the fact that you also get a few movie channels, it does seem that the way I am heading is Satelite. I am hesitant, as it will cost around 150 pounds. That would be like three hundred dollars in America. But the point is, I hate this standard idiotic television. And I look forward to getting Scuzz. Real Goth tv.
  13. GreenQueen87

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    I agree, and think that the term "idiot box" is more appropriate to describe television now than ever.
  14. Jitterbug

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    I used to like TV, but I'm just so bored with it. There is nothing on TV that stimulates the mind. It's just a bunch of garbage intended to brainwash people. I can't even watch the news because it's so slanted, and I'm sick of them bringing on so-called "experts" to tell the viewers how we are supposed to think about each news story. They should just give us the news in a straightforward manner and let the viewers form their own opinions on it. TV sucks.
  15. Geechee

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    sports , national geographic channel , discovery channel , history channel , the learning channel , animal planet , comedy central , and sometimes adult swim.

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