Ibogaine treatment in Asia - any advice?

Discussion in 'Opiates' started by TheSkyIsNoLimit, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. Hey!
    I've heard about using Ibogaine for treating opiate addiction - does anyone have any experience with this?
    I've been looking into some centres in South East Asia (with mixed reviews) but am not really sure where to start!
  2. Hi TheSkyIsNoLimit!
    Asia is definitely one of the places to go for this kind of thing. Depending on what kind of treatment you're after, there are a whole host of options to choose from.
    I've heard of quite a few rehab places which offer the usual addiction treatments (therapy, group support etc.) - I guess if you're gonna detox best to do it in paradise right?!
    There's a few Thai Temples that offer programs for detoxing - some of them specialise in heroin/opium addiction like this place:
    It sounds like their treatments are pretty "intensive" and I've heard that accommodation etc. can be pretty basic....
    There's also a number of smaller private centres that offer tailor-made treatments. While I was travelling in Laos I met a couple who are running treatments in North Thailand.
    They seemed to know what they're talking about and they knew Thailand pretty well, so might be worth giving them a call? Here's their site:
    Hope that helps!

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