Ibiza Hippie market 1977 - was anybody there?

Discussion in 'Back to the Garden' started by Heaven, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. Heaven

    Heaven Senior Member

    my parents were at Ibiza Hippie Market 1977 and made these photos! Aren`t they great? Was anybody there?


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  2. Heaven

    Heaven Senior Member

  3. Heaven

    Heaven Senior Member

  4. jailmate

    jailmate Plantenist

    yeh, I wuz in Ibizzzzza in 1964, I 4get what it wuz, yeh oh yeh, dare wuz diz
    east german girl who had escaped frum East germany, she had here leg shot off,
    we lite ah candel, layed on duh blanket and used her wooden toe as ah candel holder.
  5. earthfog

    earthfog Member

    i wans never there, or even never heard of it, but seems cool wish i did make it from your photo's.
    Hope that girl did not nod out and burn up her wooden leg.
  6. Spacer

    Spacer 'Enlighten yourself'

    They are class photos, I wish I could've gone there back then before it turned into what it is now.
  7. Heaven

    Heaven Senior Member

    Yeah, I feel the same. I was there in 1998 and expected what I saw in my parents´ pics from 1977. But it was not the same... I was a little bit dissapointed. I feel like it is now to make as much profit as possible from the tourists. In my gallery you can see more pics from the same hippie market in 1998.
  8. Spacer

    Spacer 'Enlighten yourself'

    Yeah it's all just larger louts now, even Benniras beach from what I hear which was a hippy spot up until very recently has gotten very commercialised. I've never been but my mates went in 2001 and were really really disappointed.
  9. Savannah

    Savannah Member

    Great photos!
    Thanks for sharing them with us.

  10. skip

    skip Founder Administrator

  11. Gerva

    Gerva Member

    that time has gone by, we younger are always nostalgic about it, and many things like events, gathering concerts are often just trying to go back to those years which aren't anymore..we have to find something different
  12. Gerva

    Gerva Member

    the pics are great though..
  13. Rainbowgirl

    Rainbowgirl Member

    I've heard many legends and wonderful stories about Ibiza in the 70's, that was one of the reasons I came for the first time in the 90's. It was still great even not like in the 70's: roads have been built (I've heard that people walked through the campo because of no roads and they met a lot. As often it took a long time to go from one point to another, they stopped in a house and had a spontaneous party !).
    Tourism has grew up more and more each year and now, real hippies or people who knew Ibiza in the 70's stay at home to not meet with all these tourists who have widely contributed to the decade of the magic island.

    Viva Ibiza ! We love you Ibiza !
  14. cyclamen

    cyclamen Member

    Thanks so much for the photos! I was there too, permanently...,though I didn't take any photos! We were living so frantickly at that time this marvelous happiness with broad-minded and congenial people, we thaught it was "normal" ,not worth photos...!
    This was in the very past ,as now people are just going there to GET ,no longer to GIVE, to WATCH ,no longer to PLAY! I'll tell all my freinds about your discovery!
    Love and Hugs!
  15. cyclamen

    cyclamen Member

  16. sensual

    sensual Member

    Thanks so much for remembering us Ibiza, in its best years, with so nice photos!
    I loved Ibiza and its magical atmosphere. So different now! But ...
    If you can read French, it's possible you can read a thread about The Legends of Ibiza: You go in www.all-ibiza.com Then you go to "en français", then: "tout à vous", then: "le forum", then "ibiza" (the first one) and go to: "la légende d'Ibiza".
    Be happy!
  17. lulubelle

    lulubelle Member

    I was not there!!! I didn't know the island at that time, and was too young to travel without my parents...

    But whaou!!! These photos are so great! Thanks a lot, that's a real present!
    Love from Lulubelle
  18. jolieplume

    jolieplume Member

    Wahouuuu, thanks a lot for these photos!!! We can really see the athmosphere of the market...it is so different now becauce peaple want only make money for buissness...the seventies were wonderful years!...

    Love, love, love!
  19. superwoman

    superwoman Member

    Yeah ... really nice photos which bring some homesickness of these said so "Golden Ages" ... haven't know them though, as Rainbow Girl said, the ninety period was quite great in Ibiza : I remember huge drum and dance parties in Benirras where the whole beach was still meditating, dancing and singing in front of the sunset, colourfull clothes, naked people or covered with mud remaining primitive transes !

    Also the sensual and free namaste in las Dalhias before they became touristic attractions : all beautifull people wearing their "soul clothes", smiling, kissing each other, caressing and loving each other ...

    The magical meetings which lead to parties in the rocks, eating and sharing fruits at Cala Yoga, meditations on top of the rooves, crazy dancing in the teatro, delightful breakfasts at the Croissant show, children games in the sea or in some nice fincas ....

    Waouh ... thank you for this thread and pictures that remind me so amazing and wonderful moments in Ibiza !!!
  20. clambake28

    clambake28 Guest

    Those are awesome photos. When were they taken? Did you say they were taken by your parents?

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