I wanted to share this dream (LSD related)

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  1. Hey guys, its been a longgg time since ive posted here. hope everyone is doing well.

    I just wanted to share this dream i had the other night, i felt like it needed to be shared haha, if the admin wants to move it to the dreams forum thats cool i just thought this was more lsd related.

    So I'm in this dream, im at a friends house and I get dropped with like 8 doses of liquid L on my hand. I start tripping (literally i am tripping inside my own dream), and we end up in the woods. I watch this log changing all sorts of colors and shapes and suddenly it turns into a snake. As soon as i see that i get the fear (just like i do in my trips) and i start to panic. I see this dark figure further down the path in the woods we are in and it represented death (kinda like the grim reaper but not really the same portrayal). I began to think i was going to die soon and was ready to panic and run and do anything i could to stop tripping.

    This older man came to me and said "do not be afraid, you have to follow him (the death figure). and you have to do this alone, nobody else can come with you, nobody else can help you, this is something that YOU need to do ALONE."

    So i take this old mans advice and begin to follow this deathly figure down the path, he walks slowly ahead of me making sure im always at least 10 feet behind him. I am scared because i have no idea if he is going to kill me or what but I still follow him. After a long walk down this path in the woods he leads me into this building (almost seemed like an abandoned bunker). I finally am face to face with this figure and I ask it "why am i here?". He looks at me as if I asked the wrong question and says nothing back but points to two flat panel TV screens. One of the TVs was blank white and black static, the other portrayed reality. So of course I touch my hand to the "reality" tv screen and I am instantly brought back into my body (which I had no idea I had even left) while still inside of this dream.

    I was pretty blown away by this dream and wanted to share it with you guys. I only wonder what would have happened if i touched the static tv screen...
  2. Wow :) very interesting. Thanks for sharing
  3. kokujin

    kokujin Senior Member

    that's awesome. whoa lol.

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