I want to study spanish by reading the same texts in english and spanish

Discussion in 'Spanish' started by nadavvin, May 25, 2007.

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    I learn before long time Spanish from studyspanish.com especially the grammar, but I have very few vocabulary which not enough to any conversation.

    I don't want to learn words for site which intend to learn Spanish since they focus in words which help us to travel to Spanish countries, but I don't intend to do any travel in the short and the long time.

    And it is boring...

    I try to read interesting pages about computer and technology in Spanish and to translate words and sentence with Google translation service, but is not perfect.

    Is there any website or articles which translate in both languages by human in interesting subjects???

    Thanks for your help
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    Dear Nadav,
    I feel your approach is not the best, and studyspanish.com is pure grammar. Try something more real. My wife has studied at www.esaudio.net for over three months and she can speak fairly well. The good things is you can try a free lesson with a person. It does work.
    Just a thought.

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