I want to get FUCKED UP on X...... But im scared....

Discussion in 'MDMA - X' started by Jay_Billionz, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. Jay_Billionz

    Jay_Billionz Member

    I would like to try X. After experimenting with phentermine I am interested in E but im scared because I want a X pill not a meth/ketamine pill. I know you can get pill testers but I was wondering what are some tips for when I will try it?
    I just want euphoria ya feel me?
  2. natebozung535

    natebozung535 Member

    i would recommend 100 mg of molly in your situation, take it and then have some good energy boosting plants, such as banana's and any kind of apple throiugh0out the night to make it fun.\

    -no adviced from anyone should be taken seriously, as it is all a big joke anyway (haha)
  3. natebozung535

    natebozung535 Member

    sorry if mhy last [pst was stupid, but since being promoted from cashier to produce/veggie boy i'venoticed that people from central american area ask for sold out items more than anyone else
  4. PharmaPhunk

    PharmaPhunk Banned

    You must be really fucked up
  5. Bl4ck3n3D

    Bl4ck3n3D Member

    Yeah, sounds a little fucked up haha
  6. If you can solve this inventory problem, you may be able to get promoted once again. Good luck.

    Oh, and regarding the original question, it's hard now because I think a lot more people take ecstasy at home and in different environments than they used to, so purity is more important. I may be just seeing things from my own little perspective, but it seems like back in the early 90's E was such a rave drug and everyone was all nice and hugging each other and you'd get random backrubs from strangers & whatnot, it didn't really matter what you took because the music was so loud and raw and the vibes were so great that you could take a sugar pill and be fine.

    I think pills were stronger back then though, but molly caps weren't as common as they are today. These days, ecstasy is so much more mainstream, you've probably got people rolling at Avril Lavigne, 50 cent, and (insert emo band of the month here) shows all the time now.

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