I want a bigger pay check!!!

Discussion in 'Hippies' started by zalabim, May 29, 2006.

  1. zalabim

    zalabim Member

    Hey! Im not an old hippie and not a new one either :(
    Im in that age where everyone stops leaving there houses.
    But anyway. I became a hippie when I was 13 years old. That was totaly out in Sweden at 1987 haha. The same dreams about travelling and finding that special hippie guy and eat (and smoke) my homegrown stuff, are still here.
    Im finding it harder to meet likeminded these days though.
    I cant believe it was supposed to be so hard just to live your life. All the musts that we are forced to cope with. The best work is working with one self, making one self feel good and becoming a happier and nicer person and of course share that to others. What work deserves a bigger pay check than that?
  2. mellow

    mellow Eased

    Well put, there's always someone out there, you just need to look. Cheer up and enjoy, no sense livin life down.
  3. Rebel_1

    Rebel_1 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I say A-men too that :sunglasse
  4. Ebene

    Ebene Mountaineer

    Man if I lived in Sweden and I was your age I'll be damned if we weren't together! :)
  5. zalabim

    zalabim Member

    Do I really sound desperate in looking for a partner? Haha In all my posts I get there are almost the same answers. Love will come and so on...but in fact in this post I tried to focus on the value of taking responsibility. By that I mean spreading good vibes to ones surroundings. Give a smile, work with ones fears to become a happier person (no Im not depressed) let the good vibes move on and spread out across our planet.
    That is an important job and sometimes Im playing with the thought how it would be like if the government gave every person a big paycheck that tried to be a better person. Maybe thats the thing :) Maybe it would give us world peace :) Haha
    And no...Im not all serious, just playing with the thought.
  6. zalabim

    zalabim Member

    *passing the joint*
  7. Shambhala Peace

    Shambhala Peace Senior Member

    I found my mate by opening up my eyes.
    He was standing across the apples and banana's from me, as a produce worker at my old job. I never would have given him a second glance, but there was something in him that I liked. I took the time to figure it out, two years and an engagement later - I am glad I did.

    Point is, you never know where he might be. I wasn't expecting him to be a co-worker for me.
  8. Crosslight

    Crosslight Banned

    don't bogart that joint............
  9. cerridwen

    cerridwen in stitches

    I think many of us would like that bigger paycheck....
  10. Timetraveler

    Timetraveler Banned

    ....print it on larger paper! People who want a bigger paycheck don't usually want just more money, they really want an easier way to make money, period. TV and Hollywood (shows like Friends, etc) shows young people with material comforts but no real means of how they got it. Perfect world. Doesn't work that way (as a lot of the 60s youth found out). People of Sweden have a lot of their social services, health and subsidies maintained by a heavy tax system. So, to hear a question like that come from someone in Sweden is really wiggy! Hmmmm?
  11. zalabim

    zalabim Member

    Ok...Im trying to be more specific. Im talking about a thought, playing with it.
    Is working with oneself worth just as much as any other job?
    Oh man...I realize not everyone understands everyone. That thought can come from any humanbeing, whatever country they live in. I have so much more thoughts that would be nice to play with here but ..hm...I think its too provocative
  12. zalabim

    zalabim Member

    Besides...who say its easy to work with yourself?
    To me thats the hardest work Ive ever done ( and still do of course).
    I really believe that working too much can easily take your focus from whats really important in life if u dont watch out.
    Yeah its true what Timetraveler wrote about Sweden but people in this country have a choice. I have for many years tried to live as much as I can to be ...whats it called..grow my own food etc. Placed myself a bit outside the system to live so ecological as I can. Its heavy work to be a farmer and live cheap and cold and have a regular job. Not as heavy as look at one own fears and demons though. To me thats an important work. Much more important than a regular job and I do believe that if everyone had the same idea this world would be a bit nicer.
  13. Timetraveler

    Timetraveler Banned

    You are abso-bloody-lutely right-on when you say it's more self-gratifying to work for yourself. Everyone should at least try it once. Corporations build technology, but ordinary people create Art. Nothing stirs the individual soul better than seeing a thought or inspiration come to frutation as a written work or whatever. Zalabim sounds like a person bursting with creative talents and ambitions, but stuck with Murphy's Law about life: You either have the time, or the money, but never both at once. Unless you inherit it, steal it, or win it, your time in life is sucked up by paying the man. I'm with you, Zalabim. I've tried to get by with less and be happy about it. But, Lordy Mama, the machine sucks you right back into it's way of doing things. Free Spirits gotta pay rent, too, it seems, in this overly complicated world. Like Kotke sings, "Wish I had a tiny island..!" Like your way of thinking, Zalabim.
  14. zalabim

    zalabim Member

    Who needs money with inspiration and fantasy? I will get money on the way of course.
    No problem selling soya sausages on my way through Europe. U are absolutely right Timetraveler. But I almost allways make my dreams happen to. No, I have very little money but I easily make friends and together we help eachother out in different ways. I have built my life around the fact that I want my freedom. I u chose to live in a wagon (that u own) there is hardly no rent at all. Priorities, I rather travel and experience life than live in a big house. Why do we have to stop believe that these things are possible to acomplish? Why do we say its impossible? Why do we give up?
  15. OnlyOne

    OnlyOne Banned

    i wannah bigger eveyting.

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