I took her suggestion, had a sword fight

Discussion in 'Bisexual' started by topper, Feb 17, 2009.

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    I told my friend what my wife had suggested and he laughed, then said that it sounded like fun and we should try it.
    I never did it and didn't know there were rules. The guy who cums first looses.
    Seemed stupid, but what the hell. We both unzipped and pulled out our peckers and began stroking and smacking our cocks together. Precum was flying and he circled around the head of my cock, which set me off shooting all over his cock. He stood there holding still as I stroked my cock all over his hard cock. His cock was covered with my cum which was dripping down his shaft. As I stroked out the last drop of cum on the swollen head of his cock, he told me that the looser has to finish the winner with a bj. I wasn't expecting that. I got down in front of him and engulfed his cum covered cock. It felt good slipping and sliding around in my cum. I had deep throated him a few times and pulled back and just sucked on the head, flicking it with my tongue and stroking his slippery shaft. He shook and began to fill my mouth with a huge load of cum that added to my own cum, which I never swallowed. I truely had a Huge load of cum in my mouth. I didn't swallow, I gulped it down. It was the most cum I ever had swallowed.
    When I got home, my wife was with her friend in the sauna again, but alas, I was too late, they had already enjoyed each other and were just relaxing.
    Just thought I would share the experience.
  2. profezzor_x

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    Sounds like fun... Too bad you guys aren't local. I would have joined in.
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    *giggles* nice fight! me i usually lose against my friend since i have a weakness for cocks over 7 inches
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    Cum is high in Zinc, though it really doesnt taste that bad I cummed on my own face and it tastes like sweat.
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    In one of my Biology classes in college, our professor was lecturing on the chemical composition of human semen. He was explaining that, among other things, it is also high in fructose. Towards the end of the lecture, he asked if anyone had any questions. Only one girl raised her hand, so he called on her. She said, "If semen is so high in sugar, then why does it taste so salty?" There was a shocked silence in the lecture hall for a couple of seconds and then the other 75 or so students in the class, including myself, all erupted in the loudest laughter I've ever heard in a classroom. Of course, she realized what she had said about the same time the laughing started. She grabbed her stuff and ran out of the room in tears. We never saw her again. I guess she dropped the course.
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    That's absolutely hilarious... poor girl... She probably said it without thinking. Too busy puzzling it in her mind to realise what she was doing.

    As to the thread starter sounds nice... ;)
  8. FortuneFavorsTheBold

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    That pretty much made my day.
    But... what's the answer to that?


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