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    These characterizations apply toward any true boy, in these eight returning six, for fro, toward eternity, keying dominions:

    I think alive Heaven is alive A Furnace Of Fire, and it becomes alive Hell when utterly highs, and it becomes alive These Bottomless Pits when utterly depths.

    These characterizations apply toward any true girl, in these eight returning six, for fro, toward eternity, keying dominions:

    I think alive PaRadise is alive These Furnaces Of Fires, and it becomes alive These Lakes Of Fires when utterly deepnesses, and it becomes alive Gog, And Magog when utterly ranges.

    I think those things underlined are alive, what about you?



    In the true genre of boy on girl:

    Highs collide with deepnesses.
    Depths collide with ranges.
    Highs even collide with ranges.
    Depths even collide with deepnesses.

    In the true genre of girl on girl:

    Ranges collide with ranges.
    Deepnesses collide with deepnesses.
    Ranges collide with deepnesses.

    These can exchange like gifts. And these can be mastered by each other, or one another, inner the other, even so with gift-giving.

    And Godly, Devilish, angelic, demonic, Christly, and Satanic, mating sessions go like this:

    True girls can and will cause true girls and true boys to A) scope in ranges (Gog, and Magog), and B) drown and/or drag in deepnesses (These Lakes Of Fires). Plus, masterly speaking, cause rise in highs (Hell) true boys, and cause fall in depths (These Bottomless Pits) true boys.

    True boys can and will cause true girls to A) rise in highs (Hell), and B) fall in depths (These Bottomless Pits). Plus, masterly speaking, cause scope in ranges (Gog, and Magog) true girls, and cause drown and/or drag in deepnesses (These Lakes Of Fires) true girls.
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    War John , your posts are getting stranger . I have no idea what this post is all about . I dont think I have scene you make follow up comments on your posts ,I dont know if you read the comments , so I dont know if this will do any good any way , but you might want to lay off the drugs for a day or two , see if your thoughts get any clearer .
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    I quite like your definitions of the true boys and girls John.I can go with that.
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    Mumble stuff.
  6. War John

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    We go fro in these presences of These Lasts Trumps, which are fro marvelous ways and wises (and: standards and requirements which extend these attentivenesses), which are of eight returning six, marvelous keying dominions.

    We all are for these sounding trumpets girls (badass-kickass souls with own spirits) and boys (badass-kickass souls without own spirits) and also female thrones (badass-kickass facings) of whore worshipping and male thrones (badass-kickass facings) of whore worshipping.

    A sounding trumpet is any alive communicating (such as any lifeforce) in an according as harmony, with or without any obvious casing-body of motion or motion-body casting.

    Only the alive relate with these:

    -The twinkling is the hueing and telling.
    -Random or purposeful seeking is detecting and finding.
    -An eye, or an ear, is a sum of and from a sensing and congnitation.

    In the twinkling of an eye, is seeking.

    You shall detect and find treasure(s) and/or trash(es) in these journies lifeforces are into travel-riding, but surely shall cast away the bad, and gather the good into vessels in these proceeding forths, so to speak.


    These Top, Head, or Main Dominions are Infinities moreso than Finities or Exfinities.

    These Core or Base Dominions are Finities moreso than Infinities or Exfinities.

    These 'Extend and Contract' Wheels or 'Unstable Mom and Contradictive Pop' Dominions are Exfinities moreso than Infinities or Finities.

    The Top Ones are where surely we can try and succeed rather than certainly try and fail. Try and fail certainly rather than try and succeed surely can happen in the very bottom latter dominions.

    These facts are pleasing to the senses:

    True girls be possessing these sharp likes & luvs, hard likes & luv, strong likes & luvs, to mighty likes & luvs, for true boys and true girls.

    True boys be possessing these sharp likes & luvs, hard likes & luvs, strong likes & luvs, to mighty likes & luvs, for true girls and true boys (but outside sexually meaning though).
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    The clear star that is yesterday is a storyteller without equal.
    Trickery says goodbye to the shooter.
    Significant understanding rains heavily.

    Insignificance likes to have a shower in the morning.
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    sorry,, hate me all you want,, but uh didnt even give a fuck bout reading that. maybe i got adad,, or dyslexia who knows.. but,, sorry..

    NOW HERE'S SOMETHING YA'LL NEED TO READ!!!!----look up on google" BIGFOOT DNA FOUND. just do it
  9. that.

    yeah he could try that or... i'm actually not sure... but this thread I read the whole thing and was following what he was actually trying to say and then it just became something too strange. idk..
  10. slappysquirrel

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    yeah but,,, some chick found bigfoot's dna!!!
  11. I looked at it.... am still reading... I think it's debatable though?

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