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Discussion in 'True Confessions' started by marquis_de_odde, Jan 15, 2005.

  1. I've always been very selfconscious of my weight since the elementary school days,you know the bullying years,this has always stuck with me and for a long time I used to comfort eat when I'd get depressed about it. For the last three weeks I've been eating little to nothing and getting bad stomach cramps whenever I do eat. I know they'd go away if I went back to a normal eating schedule but I can't bring myself to do it as I'm terrified of putting the weight back on that I've taken off. I've actually been on a really fucked eating schedule for about four months now,going from periods of bingeing to times of absolute starvation. I know I need to stop it before it gets too bad but I don't know what to do. I can't go to a doctor or shrink or whatever cause I'm living in a differant country now and am not covered for it,is there any other solution?
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    Logically if you are how you are now while shifting from one extreme to the other you would be the same way with a normal amount of food, right?
    But I've known lots of anorexic girls and they were all really good lookin' before the anorexia. it doesn't make sense to me. If you want to lose weight exercise more and eat good. That makes your weight go down, makes you healthy, and makes you look better in ways other than just size. Not eating just hurts you.
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    Take up a vegetarian or vegan diet. If you truly stick to it (and I don't mean fake stick to it; I mean, if you check the ingredients for EVERYTHING you consume (including the buns, etc.), and learn what ingredients you can and can't have, I can basically guarantee that you will lose weight, even if you do eat a lot. Vegetables tend to have VERY low calorie and carbohydrate counts. And there isn't a single doctor out there that will say that the typical diet of most people (especially in America) is better than a vegetarian / vegan diet. It all depends on how bad you want it and how willing you are to work for it. Yeah, you may get cravings, maybe even often (I personally didn't, but some people seem to), but if you stick to it, it will work.
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    Sometimes I get so caught up in what i'm doing, or I get so busy that I forget to eat. This really funks up my eating schedual, and I will get stomach cramps and such. >not quite to your extreame though<

    First of all, starving yourself will get you nowhere. Sure, It might make your stomach go in, but your muscles shrink and become flabby. What you need to do, if you want to lose weight is Cardio. Go jogging, power walking, jump rope, aerobics, swimming, walking your dog, etc. Working out will tone your muscles, but it doesnt do much for weight loss. Cardio workouts and eating healthy are your best bets. I'm personally not all for the diet things, but I still eat healthy by watching my junk-food intake and by not drinking soda. Instead, I'll drink juice or water.

    If you find a plan that works for you that involves cardio and muscle building, your metabolism will go up. This means you can eat the same amount of food, but not gain as much weight. When you work out, you eat more anyways because you utilize the energy instead of just letting it store up inside your body for later use.
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    That happens to me during the summer.
  7. pick up yoga. it will help your metabolism and help calm your influx of emotions causing you to eat.

    yoga 3 times a week to start.

    I can only suggest what I know - if yoga is not for you, then another method is. Either way though, exercise is super important.

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