I think a lesbian is interested in me (long post)

Discussion in 'Lesbian' started by Snowdancer, Jan 5, 2005.

  1. Snowdancer

    Snowdancer Member

    I hate even asking this but I need some input from somewhere, you ladies have given sage adivice on so many things I thought I'd run it by you.

    I need to start this out by saying that I am natoriusly bad at reading women when it comes to attraction. I have more than once found out later that someone has been attracted to me years before usually through a lady I am in a relationship with at the time. I also have misinterpretted women thinking they were interested & they in fact weren't. Yep, there are some male tendancies to me, sorry.

    I suppose this lady may be bi, I haven't actually asked her. She is in a relationship with another lady, they both have been at the two events where the one that seems to be cruising me & I were. Each time she introduced me to her partner as her partner. I first met her at my Daughter's school. She was one of my Daughter's teachers (since moved on to another job) but was very close to her while she was there. The first time was at a fundraiser for the local GLBT center. I was on the prowl for ex boyfriend, he was one of the speakers & would have thought it would be great to be in close proximity of another guy when he came. (OK, I do have a catty side) In my formal dress with glued on nails, prefect make-up, & heels the least possiblility I concidered would be for a woman to show interest & I wasn't in any way attempting to pick one up. But as I was standing listening to speakers give their talk she came up to me & started a conversaion about my daughter & eventually got into complimenting me on my dress & how beautiful I looked. I returned the compliment thinking that she was being polite to the only male genderqueer in the place. She kept bringing up things to talk to me about & after I had to excuse myself for a nature call she moved on to another location. My ex was late & looking around I decided to perch myself at the middle of the bar in a location where he would have to walk by me to get to the podium. There happened to be two open spots & I ordered myself a glass of wine soon she was sitting next to me, insisting that I sit on the other stool. We chatted between speakers & quitely about points that the speakers had made. My ex boyfriend eventually made it & I was able to give him my biggest sexiest over the shoulder smile when he came in just before he was due onstage. He gave me a hug & a kiss as he walked by, it was great. After he was done he scooted in the back of the bar & I stayed where I was for the rest of the speakers. She did too, striking up a conversation & at that time introducing me to her partner for the first time. As I recall she once in a while would touch my arm or shoulder when she talked for what that may be worth. After what I concidered a polite lenght of time I excused myself to go talk to my ex & eventually left with him. Alas, we only talked as he was going to his car, he had another engagement. I got to saunter away into the night. I accomplished showing him what he was missing :) & we caught up a little. I feel much more closure on this now. Back to the lesbian... On New Year's Eve I went to The Pink Party. It was a nice event & I had a good time. I danced with myself & while doing that saw that she was there with her partner, I wasn't sure if she had just been friendly the previous time or not so I didn't make overt actions to get near them but did at one time put myself where she would walk by. She droppped something just by me & even though I started to pick it up she scooped it up & went on. I figured that either the other time I was misreading or she was miffed that I left with my ex or possibly & least likely she didn't even notice me. I continued dancing where I was talking with some friends that came by & trying to make a conversation with very nervous guy who was either just in a dress or may me in the transition of transsexual. Anyhow way across the room she looked perposely at me @ smilled more than once as we danced individually. Her partner had moved away from her so we were each dancing individually at that time. As thngs wrapped up I went to get my coat but once I got to the coat check I couldn't find my ticket. This kept me in that location for a while. When I got my coat & was on my way out she was just headed to the coat check. Upon seeing me she wrapped her arms around me for a hug, kissing me full on the lips as she did. She said "I hoped I would get to talk to you" & we chatted for a while. I immediatly told her that I had to make a dificult dicisiopn the other night between talking with them more or talking with my ex. She told me that I made the right decision. Anyhow we talked again until they shooed us out of there & more on the sidewalk outside when her partner got too cold & they had to go.

    I'm sorry I got to verbose but I wanted you to have the details that seemed important.

    Is is somehow possible that a lesbian is interested because of I'm genderqueer? I may be sort of good at this but, really, I can't imagine her thinking I am female. Am I just plain reading her wrong? Like I mentioned she could be bi.

    What do you think?
  2. Snowdancer

    Snowdancer Member

    That is why I posted this here. I am looking for an outside opinion. She gave me her phone number suggesting we meet for coffee. I am attempting not to seem totally clueless or conversly presumptive when I make this call or more to the point when we meet. Right at this point my gut is saying that she is interested but I don't fully understand the most a lesbian has shown interest towards me previously is in a "we are under the same rainbow" kind of thing. I also haven't ruled out that she may be bi. I guess I'm going to try to suss this out from her in some tactful way. If you folks have no opinion on this in general if you could help me know a way I could ask her without sounding like a moron that would be great.

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    Is it just me or does it seem like the moment her girlfriend is anywhere around she pretty much ignores you? :/
  4. Snowdancer

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    No, not really. Actually another thing I had considered is that her partner was being extremely gracious if I was reading her correctly. The 3 of us chatted for quite a while @ the first event before I moved on to talk with my ex. Her partner was about 20 feet away from us in clear view when she gave me the kiss & hug @ New Year's. Outside the Pink Party us 3 talked for probably 15 minutes. It was pretty chilly that night & I wasn't surprised when her partner got too cold to continue on.

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