i sold this painting last week!

Discussion in 'Art' started by arlia, Jan 5, 2005.

    I'M EXTREMELY GLAD FOR YOU THAT YOU SELL IT!(even though i can image it was an hard act to do,because of the attachment to the work!)
    ME,still didn't had the cahance to "abuse my pc system and specially d skanner..the guy come over but he copuldn't solve the prob. right away...so he 'll be coming bck to (HOPEFULY!!)fix it,on tue.nxt week-
    WELL,babe so you are from NORWICH aren't you?

    ciao ciao bella stammi bene
    (which in Italian means: BYE BYE BEAUTIFUL TAKE CARE!")
  2. arlia

    arlia Members

    nah im not fm norwich,but i was up there during christmas,and i sold my apinting to moomonmama there!
    im fm down south,in portsmouth.
    im trying to get my digital camera to work so i can take proper pics.
    and yeah its hard to sell paintings you get kinda attatched to them,so always m,ake sure you take a good picture of them and keepa good record of all your work
  3. Jennifer19

    Jennifer19 Oxygen girl

    thats a wonderful job. keep up the good work

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