I smoke alot!

Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by MeowMix, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. MeowMix

    MeowMix Member

    It's true I do usualy 3-4 times a day but then there are days where I have it and don't think about it at all. I've been living like this for over a couple of years and I do super well in school and at my job, you think I should stop though I mean I buy alot of pot it doesn't affect me money wise though cause I have no bill to pay and I'm always fed.. I'm just thinking if its maybe bad to be smoking so much ? Im in a constant haze
  2. Infinite Sky

    Infinite Sky Member

    Marijuana is a good reference point IMO. But when you make it your reality then you have to refer to that other 'reality' which seems like ripe conditions for profound confusion. Therefore - surprise surprise - smoking marijuana several times a day every day doesn't seem like a very good idea to this stoner.

    It's easy to thrive in the system while high because the system is designed for the vast majority, which is essentially a euphemism for "If you have a pulse then you will get by."

    Honestly, you'd have to have the IQ of a dumpster to starve in Western culture; don't use that as an indication of what you're capable of. If there's any question as to whether or not you could be doing better while not constantly high then there's probably some truth to that. Only way to know for sure is to go ahead and investigate. Don't smoke for a while and see what happens. If your life is basically the same only with less excitement, then maybe marijuana was pulling its weight afterall. But that isn't to say that other activities and pursuits could potentially replace smoking marijuana and, in turn, posit something better than smoking ever offered you. Just a suggestion.
  3. Stella_Drives

    Stella_Drives Senior Member

    If you want to stop smoking, stop. It's simple.

    I'd have to disagree. If you are born in poverty, it is extremely hard to fight your way out, regardless of how intelligent you are. Millions of elderly in our country are forced to choose between their medication and putting food on the table. The majority of the homeless I've worked with are not idiotic, crazy people, they are just regular American's down on their luck. And since minimum wage is certainly not a livable wage, there are tons of smart, hard working people out there working two or three jobs and are still unable to put food on the table for themselves and their children.

    Sorry to attack your statement, but stereotyping like that makes me livid.
  4. Krsna Bhakti

    Krsna Bhakti d-_-b JAMMING

    No, intelligent people who are starving and homeless are doing so because they are lazy or self absorbed and people have become tired of helping them. Nobody in this country has to starve, I should know, I was homeless between the ages of 15-18. There is ALWAYS a way to get what you need if you are willing to work for it, sometimes you just have to be creative. Also, there is always a way to get what you want, but that depends on your personality. Like they say, when theres a will..........
  5. Stella_Drives

    Stella_Drives Senior Member

    I lived in poverty when I was younger when my parents seperated. My mom is intelligent, hard worker and amazing. She picked up three jobs and we still did not have enough money to always have food on the table.

    Nobody in this country has to starve... yet there are still people starving. Some people are physically unable to work to get what they need, or mentally unable. This has nothing, NOTHING to do with intelligence.
  6. Krsna Bhakti

    Krsna Bhakti d-_-b JAMMING

    I understand, but ANYONE can get some kind of work, even if it is Day Labor, which I have done on numerous occaisions, in several cities around this country. And I am a single father now, and I work constanly, and I coudnt be happier. I was also rasied by a single mother so I know where your coming from. It would be nice to have a female role model for my son to look up to, but we love each other, and that is much more improtant than financial comfort :)
  7. A person living in poverty in America has very little however he or she has more then a person who has nothing in other countries in this world. While people living on minimum wage may not have many options, most people can at the least find something to eat. Some people are able to obtain something to eat through food stamps while others are able to obtain the aid of soup kitchens. Starving implies absolutely nothing to eat, hungry implies something available to eat, however it may be unappealing. The key to finding something, anything to eat is not being lazy. It seems kinda sad that some people (hopefully exceptions and not the norm) can acquire the basic needs of food and shelter by committing a minor crime and being sent to jail. The goal is of course to be able to work and purchase food. Intelligence has been linked in the ability to find work, however it is not the only thing that determines if a person will have enough money to eat well and really live well. It is assumed that a person who acts intelligently will at the least try to find something to eat so that he or she does not die of starvation in America.
  8. 420everyday

    420everyday Member

    3-4 times a day isn't too much!!! I wish I could smoke that much and be happy. When I get some dank headies I smoke just as much, probelly because I enjoy the taste & getting higher & higher. I smoke more on the weekends, which I got to try to cut down doing that. Too fuckin expensive!!!

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