I saw a dog today.

Discussion in 'The Whiners' started by FreeBird1969, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. FreeBird1969

    FreeBird1969 Fleas on their paws.

    She looked just like my puppy back home. She was really slow and sadlooking, like she had just been...deuterified er summat. :( It made me really miss my dog.

    I want ma puppy. :(
  2. all_rhodesian_reject

    all_rhodesian_reject Sonskyn Elvis

    why aren't you home?
  3. Moon Water

    Moon Water Rena

    i know that feeling. :(

    there are so many strays here... and they look so lonely and hungery
  4. MoonjavaSeed

    MoonjavaSeed Yeah, Toast!

    Did you have to leave that sweet little thing back in Teks-us? :(

    She was a chocolate lab, right?
  5. Orsino2

    Orsino2 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    The owner of the seafood company I work for, John, has a chocolate lab. She stays in the clam/oyster house and we always hit this tennis ball with a baseball bat out into the Ware River... I swear, she'll swim clear halfway across for that tennis ball. I give her a minute to shake the water off and catch her breath and she'll be ready to go again. Aha, her name is Gypsy. :D I have to play fetch with her while running the clam grading machine... She'll do this until 5 or 6pm, when it always starts to thunderstorm and lightning. :eek: She often goes out on the boats with us and will do the same thing out in the Chesapeake Bay.
  6. MoonjavaSeed

    MoonjavaSeed Yeah, Toast!

    I want a job playin with shrimp and oysters and chocolate labs on boats too :(
  7. Orsino2

    Orsino2 Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I wish you worked with me. :D
  8. wildflowereyes

    wildflowereyes Senior Member

    i saw a dog that looked just like my dog in California. I almost cried. I wanted to be back there so much, to see my dog. :)
  9. teh-horace

    teh-horace for your pleasure

    chocolate labs in fishhouses
    that's so alien to me :rolleyes:
    i just love how it's basically the same up there
    or at least...when you tell stories
    i think "wow...that could happen here"

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