I reserve the right to have more than one wife ...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bugsboner, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. bugsboner

    bugsboner RIP Casey. I will never forget you x

    Seriously, why all the angst with this ? Is it some kind of hypocritical, bible bashing moral code from the Judeo-Christian list of hang ups that result in much of Western Society being morally/sexually repressed prudes ?

    As long as all wives/women are treated equally in an arrangement like that, I don't see any logistical reason why a man cannot be married to more than one spouse, i mean it's worked damn well in culturally rich and civilized nations like Jordan and Saudi Arabia for generations (and yes SA is a great country, despite some unsavoury, out of touch social inhibitations, esp when it comes to women, but happily, it seems the tide is turning)

    I digress, I can't even afford to look after myself, let alone a woman right now, let alone two or three, but if I had the means, why cannot I be afforded the right to indulge in such a practice ? As long as they are treated fairly, and equally, what the fuck is so wrong with such an arrangement ? Who does it hurt FFS (well maybe aside from those uptight Feminazi types, who believe women should simply stick to dieting on carpeting, if you get my drift)

    Lets be honest here, Judeo-Christian values (IE from America and most of Europe) have resulted in most of the world wars, conflict, environmental destruction and numerous other ways as to why this planet is completely and totally fucked, and will be fucked up for future generations, why is that belief system the arbitrator of our legal system in the 21st Century, especially as most people seem to be turning away from the Church.

    BTW I have no problems/issues with women having two or more husbands (or wives either)

    And whilst I have had a few of some of Aussie's finest brews sunk into me as I type this, I have felt like this for a long time.

    I think most women would be happy to live under a generous, caring and loving husband with more than one wife, than a vile, abusive and neglective single one to be honest (but then again, I am not a woman)

    I see no legal or moral reason why bigamy should be a crime, personally I think a lot more people would be happier under this arrangement, are we such wound up pills that we cannot accept a man or woman having more than one spouse (providing it's consensual and of legal age, naturally ?)

    Give me a kipper, I'll be back before breakfast.
  2. quark

    quark Parts Unknown

    It’s better when you’re not supposed to do it.
  3. Irminsul

    Irminsul Valkyrie

    I think relationships are geared different to 50 years ago.

    Personally I wouldn't want another wife. Just open the relationship so you can have some fun, but keep the one you love. :)
  4. GuerrillaLorax

    GuerrillaLorax along the peripheries of civilization

    You know it's supposed to be vise-versa, right? You make it sound like you'd own a bunch of women. Whereas in reality they would/should have multiple partners as well.
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  5. Asmodean

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    I was thinking the same already when I read the thread title. If its a one way right fuck this shit
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  6. Asmodean

    Asmodean Slo motion rider

    To be fair: OP included that in his post :)
  7. neonspectraltoast

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    I'm glad that we avoid marriage as a status symbol for the most part. Things are dumb and dire enough already without guys running around with ten wives over their shoulders.
  8. scratcho

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    Sounds good to me. It would be much easier to disappoint 2 or 3 women than just the one. Why stop at one pointing out your failings----3 or 4 yapping at you would be much more instructive than just one.
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  9. I'minmyunderwear

    I'minmyunderwear voice of sexy

    i can't even find one woman. if you go out and have a bunch of wives that just leaves even fewer options for the rest of us.

    seems logical, but evidence shows otherwise.
  10. unfocusedanakin

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    It works for some people not for me. I agree it should be legal. From the state's view a marriage is a legal arrangement. It's religion or personal choice that says two person couples are right.

    "Wife" or "girlfriend" is a very special title for me. I picked you for a reason and I don't want anyone else for me or you.
  11. lode

    lode One Man Orgy

    As it turns out, it hurts women.

    POLYGYNY AS A VIOLATION OF INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS LAW - Polygyny and Canada's Obligations under International Human Rights Law
  12. Tyrsonswood

    Tyrsonswood Senior Moment

    Then, by default, you reserve the right to more than one divorce...

    Alimony is gonna kill you, dude.

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