I really am starting to dislike her

Discussion in 'True Confessions' started by TokerMama07, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. TokerMama07

    TokerMama07 Member

    I need some help because I dont know what to do. This is going to be long but i need to explain whats going on.

    I have this friend Ryan (yes it is a girl) and she is really starting to bug the crap out of me.
    First Problem: Shes 22 and she doesnt want to drive. I can deal with that. The problem is: we go to school together. It should only take me 30mins to get to school (depends on traffic if its good 30mins if its bad could be longer) but when I pick her up it takes me about 40mins. She is 10mins out of my way. Ive been picking her up and taking her home. The other I was like could you give me a few bucks for gas and she flipped on me about that. She was like you pick Tiff and Amber up sometimes and you dont ask for gas. First off I dont ask for gas because I go right by both of their houses on my way to school. Second they do give me gas money they leave places they know that I will find it. I told her that. Ryan was like I dont see why I should have to pay for your gas for your car. I said trying to be nice because your 10mins out of my way. She got all pissy.
    On top of that she asked me for a ride home today and I was like well I wanna make sure tiff's mom gets here I dont want to leave her alone (she was having car issues) and she flipped and was like your such a bitch ill just find another ride home. Then I told her I cant pick you up in the morning because Im meeting my dad for breakfast. She was like why are you meeting your dad what your dad is more important than me. I said yea he is my dad and plus I dont live with my parents anymore and I like seeing them.
    And of course she flipped on that.

    Second Problem: She is always needing money. She came up to me and was like are you buying me lunch. I was like no. She said your buying ambers and I was like yea because she got engaged and when I got engaged she took me out. Oh and she started flipping on me for that. Saying how im such a bitch because I wont buy her lunch. And she was like I dont have money I have a kid thats who all my money goes to. BULLSHIT!!!!! She goes out every 2weeks and buys herself $200 worth of clothes. Her mom buys her kid all of his crap. And I said that because I was really starting to get pissed with her. She was like well you have a kid you understand. I said the last time I bought myself anything was in august right before school started. All my money from the tips i make from clients and working 6hrs every weekend with my dad goes toward my kid,gas and school and I give my in-laws rent.

    Third Problem: She gets on me how i live my life. Yes I have a 1yr old Im 18 a full-time student and live with my bf's parents. I work with my dad on the weekends and since I cant really pay rent all that much. All my extra money that I do have left over each month goes to them and I help around the house all the time. My bf is doing online schooling so someone can be here for our daughter so that his mom doesnt watch her that much.
    So she gets on me about me living with my in-laws when she is 22,has a 4yr old lives with her mom and doesnt do crap. She doesnt pay for her sons school or anything he needs. Doesnt pay rent. Doesnt even buy her own clothes. Also every weekend even if her son is with her and not his dad she goes out to bars and hooks up with random guys and brings them home and lets her son meet them and then he never sees them again.

    I just really dont know what to do anymore. She acts like everything is about her and only her. That she should get whatever she wants. I dont know how to tell her that Im starting to dislike her and that I dont really want to be her friend.

    Any advice would be great.

    Thankyou so much for reading this sorry for how long it is.
  2. katlyn

    katlyn Member

    I would just tell her what you think of her. I would be pissed if she did that too me all the time. I would just say that it's annoying and rude to do all that to you. She sounds very self centered and arrogant. I would just stop talking to her all together either that or tell her to treat you with respect. Im sorry about this problem with your friend.

    I am having a friend or I guess now ex friend problems now too, it's sucks. But my friend problems are more minor and not as serious as this. I think thats very rude that she tells you off about you living with your in laws and she lives with her mom.

    Anyways I hope this helps out a little. Btw, im also 18 years old too. I hate friend drama.
  3. TokerMama07

    TokerMama07 Member

    Thank you for reading all that. And thank you for the advice
  4. GreenPeace13

    GreenPeace13 Member

    i know you are friends, but if someone is treating you that way they are clearly not a good friend
    there are so many nice, respectful people out there, im sure you can find people and friends who treat you better.
  5. azucena

    azucena vagina farts

    she sounds like she just uses people and she is using you. dont feel like you have to defend yourself to her or go out of your way for her. i had a friend like that and because she had such a strong personality every time i would try to talk to her about stuff she would just get defensive and argue and because i'm more of a submissive person, i would give up, which eventually made things worse in the long run because she thought she could walk all over me. you should somehow cut her out of your life, because she will only bring you down. you need friends that will want to do things for you and not take things from you. real friends dont act like she does.
  6. Just stop talking to her for like a week.
  7. azucena

    azucena vagina farts

    and after a week then what? you think the girl will change? ha!
  8. Kinky Ramona

    Kinky Ramona Back by popular demand!

    Getting a ride from you is a privilege, not a right, and it sounds to me like she needs to lose that privilege. I've got no car myself, but I am eternally grateful to whoever gives me a ride places because it is out of the way most of the time, and if they need gas money, I absolutely give them it. One time one of my friends got pissed off at me and it was so stupid, and he refused to give me a ride over it, and I understood. This girl is obviously so self-absorbed that she can't see in front of her own damn nose and that's a shame but not your problem. Tell her exactly how you feel, tell her what you told us. True friends are far too precious to waste your life and time on the shitty ones.
  9. TokerMama07

    TokerMama07 Member

    Thanks for all the advice. We talked today and I told her I couldnt do this anymore. And she started acting like a bitch bout it and I just walked away and said bye.
  10. Kinky Ramona

    Kinky Ramona Back by popular demand!

    Good for you! You're obviously much more grown up than she is. :D
  11. katlyn

    katlyn Member

    LOL, yeah I would leave too. Wow she sounds like a major bitch though if she still is being rude like that. I wouldnt waste my time with a person like that.

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