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Discussion in 'Meat' started by War John, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. War John

    War John Member


    Only thing I want from:

    1. pig is BBQ ribs and glazed ham
    2. cow is T-bone steak (*non-meat: ice-cream)
    3. chicken is baked wing dings in hot sauce
    4. fish is catfish

    Personally I like rare meats and certain game meats.

    What are your top meats from the four basic animals we humans eat a lot in america?
  2. ItchyFeet

    ItchyFeet Member

    1. bacon
    2. ribeye
    3. legs
    4. lobser (crustacean yes )

    ostrich eggs, beaver, goose, kangaroo and crocodile and camel.

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