I Never Stopped Dreaming

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by nattimorgan, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. nattimorgan

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    "I Never Stopped Dreaming"
    by Garfield N. Morgan

    I never stopped dreaming,
    After I woke up from my sleep.
    I passed by shallow waters
    And I dove into the deep,
    Where I had no time to ponder,
    On what exactly was the meaning.
    I never stopped dreaming.

    I never stopped dreaming,
    Of the love that I could find;
    And I never made excuses,
    I just had to make her mine.
    So that night out in the garden
    When my splintered heart lay bleeding,
    I never stopped dreaming.

    I never stopped dreaming,
    And my dreaming made me think
    That the mirage was just the water
    Forbidding me to drink-
    So I scooped hot sand into my mouth,
    From where the desert floor lay steaming.
    I never stopped dreaming.

    And my dreaming like a wind, rose up
    And carried me away.
    It set me down upon the ground
    Of where I am today.
    But throughout all my troughs and crests,
    I never cursed my lot;
    No Sir, I never stopped dreaming.
    I never stopped.
  2. Lozi

    Lozi Senior Member

    man, that's beautiful! *gasp*

    the imagery of the hot sand in the mouth really works and the whole feel of this poem is simple and effective *thumbs up*

    "my splintered heart lay bleeding"- my favourite line
  3. nattimorgan

    nattimorgan Member

    Thanks Lozi, I am glad to have inspired you in some way. Sometimes we do somewhat silly things (like scooping hot sand into our mouths! LOL) in trying to achieve our goals and dreams . Still, we should never become so disheartened as to lose sight of them altogether.

    Blessed Love and Nuff Respect.

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