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    peace from wales,UK!

    ok so i read... a lot!

    but ive pretty much every book i have and all of the decent ones my partener has, im pretty skint as i have no job(6months its been now) but i really do need something cool to read. i spend a lot of time in book shops being the annoying one who is in there all the time reading the books but never buys any :)

    i like reading about explorers and cool things real people have done to help others. i really loved Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and think everyone who is interested in reading about climbing and building schools, should grab a copy and a cup of tea and start reading!!!

    so yeah, im after books about real pepole, i like to be inspired to carry on being me and helping pepole which ever way i can. i get pretty bummed out from time-to-time and feel like im not making a difference to anyone or anything and books like that give me a well deserved kick up the ass.

    i also like reading about the history of food, im vegan though so no meatly topics.

    i used to spend my time hitching across the uk, cooking, doing crafts and drinking tea with friends but now ive moved, have my own house and im engaged. hitching is a no no cus he worries bout me which is understandable and im too skint to pay for the train.

    love,peace and tofu,

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