I need some info on citizenship...

Discussion in 'German' started by soulrebel51, Jan 3, 2005.

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    I made a thread and was directed to ask here too :p

    My mom is a german citizen, she was born and raised there, moved here after she got married, and never applied for American citizenship...

    What does this make me? I really don't want to be an American after I'm 18....

    All help is appreciated :) I'm sure I'll have more questions later...
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    Sorry, I found only german written info from here, let it translate by your mom. You should have the right, to choose the german citizenship between 18 and 23. Normaly they don't like it, if ppl keep their other citizenship, but double-citizenships are possible in special cases too. As in the other thread written, contact a german embassy or ask here, at the german federal foreign office for more info.

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