I need NOOKIE!!

Discussion in 'U.K.' started by Ellie-Rose, May 17, 2004.

  1. Ellie-Rose

    Ellie-Rose Le Muppet

    Frikkin weather.. always gets me all hot and horny!!!
    What to dooooooooooooooo!!!
  2. Alomiakoda

    Alomiakoda Boniface McSporran

    Come here then ;)
  3. boog

    boog A square peg

    oo is there a que or do we take a ticket :)
  4. Claire

    Claire Senior Member

    I need nookie too!!! But yayaya! Sal is visiting me Thursday:) He is meeting my parents too:O

    I hope he dosnt start going on about poo!!

    Oh shit! I hope my mum stays sober for once!!

    Oh! the pressure:p

    Love Clairexxxx
  5. island dweller

    island dweller I Love Wind

    Another person who gets horny in hot weather asides from me!

    I have a feeling u won't have to wait long for nookie ;)
  6. Bug_Man

    Bug_Man Banned

    It is cucumber season, you know!
  7. Alomiakoda

    Alomiakoda Boniface McSporran

    Yes...a queue...of me:p

    then me

    then me :p

    then me :p
  8. Ellie-Rose

    Ellie-Rose Le Muppet

  9. Alomiakoda

    Alomiakoda Boniface McSporran

    You know you love it...

    Don't be sh:eek:cked
  10. Ellie-Rose

    Ellie-Rose Le Muppet

  11. butterfly

    butterfly Member

    actually now you mention it....
  12. zopilote

    zopilote Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    i think its pretty clear we all feel horny because of the summer...

    so what on earth could we do to rectify this problem eh?

  13. Ellie-Rose

    Ellie-Rose Le Muppet

    Mass orgy at glastonbury Perhaps!!!!
  14. Valis_77

    Valis_77 Member

    It's the smell of the rapeseed flowers in the fields that always kick in my summer hornyness. Makes me think of girls in short skirts. And naked girls. And girls. And girls.

    ARGH...I've been single for three months and it's starting to take it's toll on my poor brain!! :(
  15. butterfly

    butterfly Member

    Y'know what?! Reading this thread makes it worse!

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