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Discussion in 'Transexual and Transgender' started by brendonkd13, Oct 19, 2010.

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    hi im new here and i have a little problem

    i have a fiancee (im male shes female) but anyways my whole life ive felt like i was supposed to be a woman and everytime i think about it i want it more....

    but i love being me and im conflicted with it..

    also i have asked my fiancee if she would stil love me and marry me if i was a woman and she has said yes and i have told her i have felt like i was supposed to be a woman and she completely understands =]
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    I'm a 100% out, p/t crossdresser and been out to everyone for over 20 years. My advice is for you to ask her to take you clothes shopping for a few items that will fit you. let her pick them out. go home and model them for her. share your other personality with her from the beginning. otherwise your marrage wil be doomed.
    My wife and previous girlfriends have always bought me "gifts"
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    im zoe a transgender girl, im 17 months on HRT, out and iv never bin happyer, if you rilly think it is what you need to be happy than you cant ignor theas feelings, i know you probably have a million reasons y not to transition but when it comes down to it you only rilly need one reason to do it, would it make you happy? ask yourself "would i be happyer as a girl?" and ask yourself "can i rilly see myself living the rest of my life as a boy?" your gona haf to deal with these feelings eventuly its not somthing you can avoid, so y not sooner than laiter?

    its not like it used to be , thers saport groups in 9/10 cites, thers saport groups and chat sites online, meds are retaly available, some contries eaven cover sergery costs!!

    i hope everything terns out well for you ^^ good luck

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