i may have too quit soon

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by puffed up in my ford, Mar 15, 2008.

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    yup i may have to clean up soon.i had some recent developments that have to do with my Ex,kid and courts.i have been informed from a highly reliable source that she is on coke or crack.sleeping with different guys weekly.and a bunch of other stuff.now i know some of posts were a little disturbing.and to jademoms if shes reading this,im sorry.that was my bipolar acting up when i was sober.but now i still dont know if the kid is actually mine or not.i know i can not raise him myself.plus being an auto repossessor is not something he needs to know about or be involved in yet.but i can not let him and his sister live like that.i do have a heart inside and im highly upset here almost to the point of crying.i didnt know she was doing this shit around those 2 kids.id rather see them both in the states custody.well her daughter will go with the father.id rather see my son end up somewhere where he will be takin care of.i cant do it.

    this person has proof written down in books,recorded IMs and saved emails.this person started IMing me here and there about 2 years ago saying my girlfriend was cheating on me and stuff.i figured it was somebody trying to cause trouble and just ignored it.but the other morning i woke up to an IM that was about 2 hours long.and the things said are things that i thought only i knew!doesnt matter how pissed i am those kids do not belong there.

    so now im on a mission.im gonna get ahold of her daughters father cuz hes been trying to take her away for 8 years.so im sure he would love to hear from me.
  2. stinkfoot

    stinkfoot truth

    Good luck with all that.

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