I love cbd

Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by Jennifer19, Oct 11, 2020.

  1. Jennifer19

    Jennifer19 Oxygen girl

    Since I started with the cbd it’s cut down my anxiety I’m not constantly fretting that I need another battery with me all the time or that I’m gonna run out of oxygen took me along time too expect that I have chronic respiratory failure that I’m on oxygen rest of my life no smoking pot anymore I honestly don’t miss smoking coughing not being able too breathe I do wish I could smoke cbd buds though
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  2. Nadia Ramsey

    Nadia Ramsey Members

    I love CBD too!
    This has to be one of the best discoveries so far. I have never felt so peaceful and calm as I felt after using CBD oil and CBD edibles. I have recently started mixing CBD oil with coconut cream and massage it onto my face daily with a roller. my skin feels as soft as a baby's butt and the active acne on my face has started to diminish too. I had fine lines and light wrinkles around my mouth which have started getting better and I clearly see a difference. I love it! My skin certainly needed the anti-inflammatory properties that CBD has, just in the perfect dose. If you need guidance what else it is good for, then check this out https://ezcareclinic.com/3-ways-to-deal-with-work-anxiety-according-to-top-18-experts/
    I would love to hear your innovative ways to use CBD too! :)

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