I know this sounds so stupid...

Discussion in 'Genitalia' started by 90 paces west, May 7, 2007.

  1. 90 paces west

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  2. NothingHere

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    I'm sure girls can provide more insights, but...my girlfriend was self-conscious about a lot of stuff when we first got together. I think it got better for her when she realized how much her vagina really turns me on. Telling her how good it tastes, how her scent turns me on, I think it helped her learn that it is a very sexy part of herself.
  3. lostscot

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    Honey their is no need to be embarrassed. I was scared when my first partner saw me naked for the first time, and was worried with each new one for a good few years until i became comfortable with my own body. I just takes time. Each girl I have been with has had a different sized pussy, or different shape breasts etc and It's all good, big or small! There is no part of the human body which should make u feel gross. And when ur fella does go down their for the first time he will be totally captivated lol and wont have a clue for a while hehehe Just keep it trimmed and clean then its all good *wink* I still love just looking at my missus pussy, and I never get bored by it's sight!

    Hope that wasn't to patronizing!
  4. 90 paces west

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    NothingHere, I can relate to your girl A LOT! Im not as self-conscience as I was before. But I still tend to be prudish.

    "There is no part of the human body which should make u feel gross." I really should keep that in mind.
    I cant find the word for how I feel.
    But like, hes been with so many other girls and done tons of stuff with them before me.

    And hes my first EVERYTHING. So I guess thats also why I feel all sfhdsjfgsdjh about this.
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    You should take things slow and he should respect that. Nothing wrong with being somewhat prudish. If many guys were allowed to do whatever they wanted, the results would be frightening. You just have to find that balance between maintaining your sense of integrity/comfortability and also being at ease with your own body.

    By taking it slow, the love and trust you share can help you deal with those feelings.
  6. toolmaggot

    toolmaggot Nuts Go Here.

    A vag is a vag. So long as you can't tie your pussy lips in a bow and you can't smell your **** when you touch your toes, you should be cool.

    Schlongs are a million times scarier, anyway.
  7. hey girl.. i can so relate to you only i have always been self concious about my breast size since apparently every guy i have known has made such a fuss about girls having to have huge boobs and thats something i dont have lol.. honestly tho there was a guy who taught me a lot more then i thought he could and it all starts with his support.. we were in a relationship for about a year and 6 months and we did a lot of stuff but at first i was so self concious cause i thought he would be turned off or something but when we went to have sex for the first time the lights were off and i was less self concious until he got up and turned on the lights and told me he didnt want me to hide my body and that i was perfect to him and had no reason to be self concious... thats the kind of support i needed to break it... i think you just need a little support and reassuring

    and so what if he has been with other girls ..unless he is a huge "man whore" then he has obviously seen something special in you so dont let that bother you

    hope that helped :D
  8. katya

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    well, for one, you're only 15. i don't see why you would have sex at all, cause i lost my V at 14 and i hated it. it's just too soon. to each their own i guess.

    and secondly, i think my bf is fucking insane for loving my privates. he said he could live down there, he loves it so much. it's weird to me but hey, it rocks when he goes down on me ;)

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