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Discussion in 'U.K.' started by jojoeyes, Aug 18, 2005.

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    lol i'm one of those loser americans (jerry hall) who sometimes talks with a british accent and gets anything and everything british. i love the beatles. i love the stones (not as much as the beatles, of course). i buy british comedy off tv and watch bbc america. i feel like its my real homeland and i'm just in america for the torture of it. i plan to move to england and annoy everyone with my fake accent when i get the cash/the age.

    but the point of this (i wasnt planning on there being one but what the hell) is what are the drug laws in uk? i know in germany u can get away with weed after 16 and u can get beer and cigs even before that. but doesnt the uk have like the most restrictive drug laws of the major euro nations?
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    The novelty of the UK soon wears off.. I think we have as restrictive laws as most.. apart from amsterdam.. weed: well that depends on how the police officer feels the need to uphold the law in the situation at hand.. nobody should get too blase about it imho as you could find yourself in court .. The media make out the police are 'soft on drugs' mmm if only .. they maybe 'soft' on certain people it would be deemed pointless investigating any further [if that makes sense].

    Yeah you can buy fags and beer before 16 .. from dodgy off licences that would also sell you 10 cans of butane gas [lighter refill]

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    and the uk loves you.

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