I have this friend who had cancer

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Kinky Ramona, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Kinky Ramona

    Kinky Ramona Back by popular demand!

    Lymphoma and leukemia, I do believe, and he's been in remission for about 3 years now and he drinks and pops pills and smokes cigarettes like no one I've ever seen before. Funny how life works out like that sometimes...
  2. stinkfoot

    stinkfoot truth

    He probably figures he should live every day like it's his last as he may well have been dead by now. He's cheated death and he'll be damned if he's going to cheat life!
  3. Kinky Ramona

    Kinky Ramona Back by popular demand!

    He chewed out the Make A Wish foundation because they wouldn't get him a car or a hooker. Haha.
  4. shaggie

    shaggie Senior Member

    You know the old joke:

    I live the fast life of drinking, smoking, and women, as much as I can get. You see, my doctor told me I only have a year to live.

    (When did your doctor tell you that?)

    Twenty years ago.

  5. seizedbyanger

    seizedbyanger Banned

    my friend met zac efron through make-a-wish because she had some kind of brain cancer that was giving her horrible seizures and her odds of surving weren't really that good, they took out like the whole front quarter of her brain.

    buut shes still alive and is cancer free and talks about zac efron all the time ;)
  6. Dave_techie

    Dave_techie I call Sheniangans

    so, did she ask to meet him before, or after the brain damage?

    (this is a sick joke, and I don't feel bad)
  7. Pressed_Rat

    Pressed_Rat Do you even lift, bruh?

    It would be hard to feel sorry for someone like that if they went into remission.
  8. toolmaggot

    toolmaggot Nuts Go Here.

    I was going to make the same joke. You shouldn't feel bad.
  9. Jaitaiyai

    Jaitaiyai Cianpo di tutti capi

    I have a friend who had cancer, he got it around two years ago now, pulled through though. It was a really slow cancer so they had enough time to keep going through with chemo. Lovely.

    I had a friend whose sister has terminal cancer. She got to meet MCR for it. I don't know if she's still alive but I would assume so.
  10. Hilder

    Hilder The Ganja Queen

    wow. take one cancer and replace it with another. what a dumbass.
  11. mamaKCita

    mamaKCita fucking stupid.

    hard to say how someone is going to act after a brush with death.
  12. I'minmyunderwear

    I'minmyunderwear voice of sexy

    who the fuck is zac efron? i thought make a wish let you meet famous people?
  13. Piaf

    Piaf Senior Member


    Looks familiar ?
  14. I'minmyunderwear

    I'minmyunderwear voice of sexy

    actually, no. i'm not sure that i've ever seen that guy before.
  15. Piaf

    Piaf Senior Member

    High school musical. 1, 2, 3, 4......393983.

    I think this is his gf :

  16. crankyirishgirl

    crankyirishgirl Fuck You

    hes hot as hell:D

    Well at least in this pic other times he looks really gay
  17. Jaitaiyai

    Jaitaiyai Cianpo di tutti capi

    hahaha.. LOL. If only, I thought he was with Vanessa Hudgens.

    (I probably know more than I should. :eek: )
  18. Piaf

    Piaf Senior Member

    Oh noez.................You probably watched all those movies ! :D

    Jai, Jai :toetap05:
  19. I'minmyunderwear

    I'minmyunderwear voice of sexy

    well that explains why i've never seen or heard of him.

    and HAHAHA i hope you're right about the gf.
  20. Piaf

    Piaf Senior Member

    I dunno....It could go either way :



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