I have found a Godsend when it comes to Methadone/opiate withdrawal

Discussion in 'Opiates' started by sh4dowpir4te, Jul 26, 2013.

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    I have been on opiates for the last 15 years starting with oxycodone then moving to OCs (20s, 40s, 80s). Finally when I turned 17 someone introduces me to Methadone. I honestly wish I had never met that person. I took it maybe 2 times and then was told that there was a state sponsored clininc where i could get it everyday without even having to pay for it. On top of that if you did not have transportation or money for gas they would pick you up, take you to dose and take you back home free of charge. This sounded so awesome and on my 18th birthday I went in and was accepted to the clinic and dosed no more than an hour after I walked through the door. I have been to five clinics and every one of them were the same. 80 or so % of their attention was for money if not more. They treated every addict pretty much the same even though opiate addiction can vastly very from person to person. As for me I have been a successful it technician and systems administrator for the last 7 years. Opiate use has not effected my job, made me rob or steal, sell my things or any other of the things that what I would call a "junkie" would do. I got on the clinic because it was free and because i was tired of risking my freedom every time i made a purchase. If I had known what i know now I would have never stepped foot into that first clinic. So here we are 10 years after I first walked through those doors and I have gone four days without any methadone. The reasons are these: 1. I was tired of having people who are supposed to be medical professionals trying to contact all of my doctors so that they can "coordinate" care, 2. I was tired of having to do SUPER supervised drug tests never less that once a month and sometimes twice. When I say SUPER i mean that they stand right beside you and stare at the mirror which is reflecting your genitalia (this was always one of my pet peeves). I was told by another patient that most of the UAs used to be unsupervised but that people started using a fake penis urinating device and they decided that all the UAs would be supervised. 3. Their general lack of medical and psychological knowledge which goes for both the counselors and doctors. I recently, before i quit, went to see the doctor and told him that my BP had been extreemly high and i was feeling wierd on my dose. Always scribbling on his notepad and never looking up he tells me he is going to raise my dose 5mg and to come see him in a few weeks. Although it did seem that the 5mg helped (so maybe i did need an increase) my BP was still getting higher. Finally when it was getting up to 170/120 i went to my pcp and she fixed me up with lisonipril and hctz which had me normal within a couple days. It was at that point i decided i was finally done with clinics whatever i had to do and in searching the net i found something that has made such a difference...how I did it will be in my next post: A journal of my methdone withdraws
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    So while searching the net i found people saying that poppy seed tea helped with their withdraws. Well I ordered from a couple different companies to get a good product and the third try was the charm. I take 1lb of seeds and pour them in a 2l bottle, pour in water from your tap as hot as it can get and then pour in a generous amount of lemon juice. After this is shaken for about 20 mins i filter the liquid from the seeds and mix the liquid i get with a 16oz concentrated OJ can. Then i pour a little more water to taste although i find that the thicker the juice is the more it tastes like oranges and not poppy tea. I also procured 50 5mg valium and 50 10mg valium as well as 80 25mg phenergan and 3 .3 clonidine patches. I drink 1 16oz poppy oj in the morning (or 2 8oz) with a 10mg valium and a quarter of a phenergan which is scored in quarters and of course the clonidine patch and do the same thing at night about an hour efore bed. As i said it is now day 4 and I have only had VERY MILD withdrawls (A very little RLS, nausea, and sweat on my back and occassionally some sneezing in the morning). Other than that i feel awesome. after the first week i will be tapering back the valium and the phenergan seed tea. I will do this at a speed determined by how my body is still reacting to no methadone. I have had people say that you could have just detoxed at the clinic but unfortunately they charge about 15 a day for a dose no matter the dose and then on top of that i spend 20 in gas everyday to get there as i have a truck and its 50 miles there and 50 miles back. Also i can use valium which does help if you use it correctly. Any questions or comments are extreemly welcome but please dont be an ahole. And just so you know i was a high functioning addict for years and years. I was never the one to be nodding off, stealing or robbing, selling my things or anything like that. I went to the clinic because i was tired of looking over my shoulder all the time and worrying that i was going to get locked up every time i purchased pills
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    Congratulations man. Detoxing from methadone has to be one of the hardest things for someone to endure. My hats off to you for having the strength to work through it Ive been in a similar situation where became addicted to oxycodone then heroin. I ended up on Buprenorphine maintenance for a couple years and kicking it was hell. Luckily for me my doctor who had me on buprenorphine for so long was very generous with giving me detox meds. For the couple months that I was having withdrawal symptoms he upped my daily clonazepam script from 4mg to 6mg, and also prescribed me muscle relaxers and anti-nausea meds. Then on my own I supplemented these meds with clonidine and Kratom. It makes me happy to read about someone who actually has success detoxing from long acting opioids like methadone and buprenorphine. I more often hear of people having trouble and relapsing or not being able to stop in the first place, so hearing about you doing well is refreshing.

    I Wish you all the best and continued success in your detox.
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    Nice story, you've been addicted to opiates for as long as I have, I occasionally run out a few days before my refill arrives. I often turn to PST to bridge that gap. I went all out and bought a five pound bag from Ama.zon, I normally use a measuring cup and dip out 4 cups of seeds, the juice of 2 fresh lemons and lukewarm water (to cover 3 inches above the seeds).

    I funnel all this into a 2 liter soda bottle and shake it for a few minutes, let it sit for about 30 minutes, shake it up again, then pour it through a wire mesh strainer. I take a gulp then chase it with OJ - it tastes horrible.

    In about 15 minutes, I start to feel the warmth of that all familiar opiate buzz. I must say, it lasts much longer than my regular pills, and knocks out 99% of my withdrawals.

    I learned about PST on this very forum a couple years ago, the first time I tried it, I spent nearly 50 bucks at the grocery store on those McCormick bottles LOL. That was a lesson learned - I've also learned that buying bulk is hit and miss (even with the same vendor). The bag I currently have has all sorts of pieces and particles of stem, twig, debris (i.e. a good bag).

    Thanks for sharing your story!
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    I just made the switch to Suboxone from methadone, and it was hell getting off that stuff.

    I'm happy I am now though, even though I replace one addiction for another. At least I can fill the whole prescription, and don't have to waste gas going to the clinic every day.

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