i have body dismorphic disorder. do you?

Discussion in 'Mental Health' started by Mr. Kurns, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. Mr. Kurns

    Mr. Kurns Member

    i dont even know why im posting this. im not sure what i expect to gain. i just like to post here somtimes i guess. anyhoo.

    basically this is a mental illness where you're excessively concerned with and unreasonably unsatisifed with yr appearance. it sounds like no biggie but it can lead to:

    obsessive compulsive disorder
    major depressive disorder
    social anxiety disorder
    chronic low self esteem
    avoidant personality disorder
    dependent personality disorder

    all of which im currently suffering from...i know right, i should just off myself now huh. oh and on top of all that im also suffering from limerence. if you dont know what that is you should google it cos its really quite something.

    anyway this is all starting to impact my ability to maintain relationships, perform academically and such. i decline all social invitiations. i just like to lie in bed and do nothing. maybe listen to music. and so thats pretty much what i do. wallow in self-pity. and its weird cos even though im aware of all this; it doesnt seem to have empowered me with any ability to do anything about it. its like im glad to be sad. like im almost proud to be so fucked up. which is pretty fucked up in itself.

    anyway substance abuse is lookin' pahretty pahretyy goood right about now. or suicide. either one is fine i guess.
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  3. Sininabin

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    I am guessing you are a man, (that would be interesting if you were female) but to a real point. One do you mind taking psychiatric drugs? Two have you seen a therapist? Lots of people have been worst off than me or you and personally I would not off myself until I started hurting people. If I felt complacent and unable to succeed my own future I would throw myself to volunteer work. If I am able to help myself might as well help others.

    Love? that is too complicated to comment on but chin up if your unsatisfied change it. Fuck what people say about your body who fucking cares if we always have compete with the fitter competition. You should know that you are attractive in your own right. And even if you are changing your appearance you should be happy with how look and just change it for health or to make others happy but personally you should look at yourself and think, this is me, and I do not look half bad.
  4. dude1969

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    i too have BDD and yes it is hard but you just have to try your darndest to not care what other people think about your apperance. ive been dealing with it for about 20 years and i do take sychiatric drugs and have been for along time it seems to take the edge off some of my BDD, they seem to keep me from being suicidal. Thats about it youd think after 20 years id know more, i use to experiment with street drugs to help me cope that was hard cause the wife dont like them. so im back to my sychiatric drugs. Just letting you know your not alone and hope this may have helped you in some way. Peace!

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