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Discussion in 'New Zealand' started by 8footsativa_chik, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. 8footsativa_chik

    8footsativa_chik Waka Chang-Chang

    Is there a moderator for this forum?
    We dont really need one do we?
  2. Alltaken

    Alltaken Member

    hmmm no i don't think there is a moderator.

    however i think i am the most coolest ever supa dupa person who should not be moderator because we don't need one.


    i don't reckon we need one. but wouldn't you feel powerful and special being one.

    over the entire forums there are many moderators.

  3. Soulless||Chaos

    Soulless||Chaos SelfInducedExistence

    If there is no name down at the bottom, then there is no mod specificaly for this forum, so it's up to the super mods... :D As far as I know anyway.... :rolleyes:
  4. 8footsativa_chik

    8footsativa_chik Waka Chang-Chang

    Hell yes i would! But we dont need one, i was just curious. And plus, we're kool as and all responsible anyway. We're goodie goods LOL:rolleyes:. I'll shut up now.

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