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Discussion in 'Protest' started by YEM36313, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. YEM36313

    YEM36313 Member

    So, last week i was in the "What can we agree on" tread and the "Revolution" tread, and myself, mr. morrison, and believe came up with some good ways to help spread peace and love. We decided that it was time for the revolution, but maybe more a revolution beginning at a more fundamental level: spreading peace and love as our message to see how open people were to kindness, love, and the overall message of peace.

    As part of this "experiment" i made 85 hearts out of paper and wrote messages on them like, "Peace and Love," "Spread good feelings," etc. I began to give them out to people locally and i recieved great responses. I noticed that the world around me seemed friendlier and more open than it had before. I got to talk to people about things that they would not otherwise have thought about. I got to spread my message.

    Anyway, this weekend i went to see Phil Lesh and Friends (along with the Benvento-Russo duo and mike gordon and Trey Anistasio) We went to the new jersey shows, and i had about 50 hearts left, which i took with me. The vibe, of course, was unbelievably great, as always. But in giving out my hearts to people, i really felt that it helped enhance not only my experience, but the experience of the people around me.

    I did not get patted down when walking through the gates... i got stubbed down into orchestra seating (along with my boyfriend)... i got to hang out with the tapers, who were really awesome guys, and i met trey's photographer. There was such a hightened sense of love that i was overwhelmed. I even saw people displaying there hearts on shakedown the second night! That was when it hit me--- the revolution has already begun! It has begun because it is in me. I feel that people can make a difference, and it is hard for one person to do it alone, but it is most definately possible for one person to help the snowball down the hill.

    So this is what i want to do--- help the snowball... get things rolling. If anyone has any ideas for me, (and mr. m and believe) to help our personal revolutions along, please give us ideas... We want to get people spreading love and peace. We want to show the world all the love we have.
    Anyone, anywhere can participate in giving love. If the revolution is within you, then lets make it happen. Everyone can do it in their own way, as long as it is peaceful and filled with love.

    Peace and love guys....
  2. Any Color You Like

    Any Color You Like Senior Member

    That is a wonderful idea! I think the best way of getting people to be about peace and love is to form them when they are young.
    Music has alot of impact on young teenagers who are looking for a style. That's what I'm planning to do... write explicit peaceful music. I'm a guitar maniac so I'm sure this will work.

    Continue what your doing, if it seems to be working, there is still hope.
  3. nouronion

    nouronion Member

    your from jersey? where at, i'm from south amboy (middlesex county)
  4. brownxfoot

    brownxfoot Member

    Oh Man Thats Such A Great Idea Andi Have A Preschool Class At My Disposal For Production!!!
  5. YEM36313

    YEM36313 Member

    actually, nuronion, i'm from delaware, but we're close to jersey. :)

    Wait, did you say an entire class? You have to get them to do this! It would be a great way to open older people's minds because children have such an impact on older generations!!! You gotta do it, bronxfox!

    And its true, getting people while they are young to have a peace outlook IS best. And it was really uplifting because i saw a lot of younger people (15-17) who were there and they were diggin it! They knew a lot of words to the dead songs too, which was awesome!

    Thanks guys. Keep the ideas coming!
  6. Shambhala Peace

    Shambhala Peace Senior Member

    It's all about attitude.

    If you have a positive attitude and are always there to give a smile and lend a hand you will get the same reaction with or without the hearts. People can pick up on the vibes.

    Though I would love to be given a heart sometime. :D

    I'll have to try that at my school. Some of the girls there are so grumpy. ;)
  7. YEM36313

    YEM36313 Member

    yeah, i know it can come without the hearts.

    The point of the hearts is to have a physical item that gives people a good memory... so it doesn't fade away as quickly. And the attitude goes with the heart. Anyone can give out hearts...but if you aren't projecting that love to go with it, you might as well not even give it out..you know? I hope you do give them out at school...people all over have really been appreciating the love. And that is what its all about. motivation begets motivation...help those people put their best foot forward, you can do it.

    Peace and Love

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