I found a really good method.....

Discussion in 'Masturbation' started by Axcc, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. Axcc

    Axcc Member

    This is pretty weird and funny, but god damn, it works like a charm!


    1) Chair with a cushion or a couch works too. I have a one seat couch basically for my computer chair.

    2) Big ziplock bag, small works too, but not as well.

    Alls I do is bend the zip part of the back outward so your dick doesn't rub against that part. Spit in the bag a little bit to make lubrication and rub it around, i'm sure lube works but will be messier and more clean up time. Turn on some porn, get on your knees, and put the zip-lock bag under the cushion barely sticking out. Then all you do is just stick that little devil in there and pretend your fuckin a girl doggie style, best while watching a doggie style porn. Gotta pull out and re lube every few minutes, but god damn! I don't beat off with my hand any more. This way feels hella good, almost like a real pussy. You can push down on the cushion too if you want it to feel tighter. All you gotta do to cleanup is put some water in the bag and swish it around, and the cum goes right into the water and dumps out with it. You can seriously start, and be done and cleaned up in 10-15 min! I love it!

    Hope this helps!

  2. AndCompany

    AndCompany Member

    Yeah I've read this somewhere else... and I've tried once or twice but it didn't turn out like I had hoped.
  3. ~peace~

    ~peace~ Senior Member

    i fucked a grapefruit. does that count?
  4. *Andy*

    *Andy* Senior Member

    ^ Lol what the hell?

    I've tried this method...it's one of the most famous simulation methods out there. It's pretty great though I can't get off on it for some reason. Oh well thanks for that ! :)
  5. huggiebear

    huggiebear Member

    hmm never heard of it but ill give it a try in the next few days
  6. Cutted

    Cutted Cutted

    I found a really good method - my girlfriend on her back, a pillow under her butt, and my penis inside her. Nothing could be better.
  7. toolmaggot

    toolmaggot Nuts Go Here.

    I hope your mum comes home from work early and sees you fucking the loveseat.
  8. Axcc

    Axcc Member

    maybe you can help mw where I don't need to do that?

  9. *giggles uncontrollably*

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