i find i find.

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    to all..

    i am not here, just hanging
    not surrendered to this love.
    i am not open latley, not enough
    gone beyond the mouth of
    suppressed words.
    to find .to find what?
    i am not willing to let go
    a heart beat, a thought balanced
    i am not going to flee,go
    a journey yet to learn.
    to find .to find where?

    i am the page ive turned.
    stains ink, lay all around.
    will laughter playing ,tainted
    tongues ,now what?
    i am sounding spellings aloud.
    write all i can.
    to find ,to find another way.
    to find why.
    stand forward ,not but not in line
    you have a chance to be.
    with letters followers,stops.
    can this be. what i find.

    i am not yet allowing.this
    moment to drive by.
    i am not giving in ,love
    is not for sale. no price tags
    on this heart.
    no matter how we tell.
    i am now forgetting .a
    heart so full so pure,
    a vessel once empty.
    longs for a lover more.
    i am now leaving ,this pen
    i can not bare,an open
    wound needs attention.
    i am allowed to care .to find.
    love life inside ,so deep
    so important to the mass.
    i am now gone..

    love n peace from saff
    keep your head know your heart always..always.

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