I feel like I'm in a life transition

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by meepmeep5000, Aug 29, 2005.

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    I think that everything is changing... I have a long lovely list of things I'd like to do now I just wish i could do em. I'm trying not to think I have to do it all at once I just want to introduce things into my rhythm and live them. I want to sew, I want to shop, I want to be more spiritual, I want to exercise, I want to eat well for once in mt life, I want to live like I think I should, I want to socialize, I want to detox my system, I want to lose some weight, I want to become a more active and experiencing person. I just (non christianly) pray I can achieve that and more.

    I've transfered colleges and majors and I'm actually doing something I'm interested in. (audio design and production with a minor in management) Theres alot of positive change going on and I feel like I am moving with it.... peace and pleasure!!
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    Remember, change is a process. Sometimes a fast process, sometimes a slow process, sometimes somewhere in between. Always focus on the positives, and set goals, take steps little by little, and the changes you want to come about will come about...eventually. Don't worry about it. Let it all happen naturally. Best of luck to you! Peace

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