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Discussion in 'Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, etc.' started by 87s, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. 87s

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    people w/ perfect skin! i can't imagine how it'll be like waking up next to someone i like and my face is all oily and crap lol. i'd wanna touch my guys face and feel it n stuff whenever we get physical. how do you do that when you got skin probs?? i mean my face is clear just kinda oily n stuff after awhile but it's like your getting physical and kissing w/ your guy, he touches your face and your like NOT THE FACE!

  2. Drew_445

    Drew_445 Member

    lol ya like all the new threads are yours o_O...

    but yeah i know what you mean. I have an empitigo infection or something or other, plus cursed with deadly acne. I take oral medication morning and night(it's like accutane) and these ointments morning and night that dry and burn up my face. so at night, my face is dry and chafy from this crap, then during the day from putting on lotion for the dryness, it feels all oily. Plus it doesn't help that i'm white as a ghost and only get freckles, not tan. i'm going to need to rely heavily on my personality to get a BF, my face just ain't gonna do it ;)

    it sucks x.x
  3. Yeah, I had bad acne as a teen.

    Totally does suck at that time cos you think sexual attraction is all based on looks.

    To combat the acne, topical creams are useless, a responsible amount of regular time in the sun will do more than any topical application will.

    Meds like roaccutane and their namesakes are magic, or try electrolysis to get rid of the hair roots in your problem area.

    Having acne usually means that a guy is just that liitle more hormonal that the rest of the population, will have that little extra ease with muscle development and a slightly higher metabolism.

    So if you want to be big muscly guy, give weight training a try, if you want to be skinny effeminate guy start running a couple of miles a day, you'll find you might get better results than the average joe.

    Acne sucks as a teen, but in your 20s once it dies down, get a microdermabrasion or two, your back to the realtivly pretty face and more likely to have a body shape desirable to other guys.

    Plus sexual attraction is a lot more subtle than the way you think it is as a teen, where the perception is everything goes by pretty. For the most part I think once gay guys get more sexual experience they tend to put less importance on a pretty face as they realise a pretty face does not correlate with a hot lover, the hot tight little body more important. Later on many will see that slight evidence of acne scaring points to hormones which points to extra virility.

    In terms of attraction powers, Acne is probably something easier on gay guys than straight guys or especially straight girls who are only ranked by pretty. I really feel for the girls that get it
  4. Drew_445

    Drew_445 Member

    thx for the info!! and about the topical creams they were prescribed by my doctor, but they don't seem to do much...and spring is just starting so I'll be able to get out more :).

    Hm, i'm certainly more harmonal(like hair growth further than a normal 14/15 yr old should have), but got terrible metabolism :p

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