I dreamt of the start of WW3

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by drew5147, Feb 16, 2009.

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    It was really strange, I've forgotten most of the dream already, but it wasnt long, because I woke up halfway through cause it was a little scary.

    I dont know where I was, somewhere outside, and someone told me that world war three had started, and there was an attack with a nuclear weapon. We had to wear these shawls that were supposed to protect us from the nuclear fallout, but mine wouldnt stay on. I had a sense of insecurity and fear throughout the entire dream.

    Another dream I had last night, I was back at my boarding school, and it was when I had first started going there, when I would get picked on a bit. I was in the Cafeteria, and these kids, Fred and Dave (dave used to hassle me quite a bit) came up and tried to dump a cooler full of ice water on my head. I sensed them coming from behind me and I got up to prevent them from pouring it on me, and almost succeeded, but then I woke up.

    The third dream I had last night was also fairly unnerving. I was in a large house with my mom and some other people, and I went into the garage with a backpack to pack my things because I knew we had to leave. The POV switched to outside, and I knew that a car had pulled up with about five men inside, with guns, who were here to take us hostage. I asked my neighbors, who were just leaving, to stay until I had called the police, but for some reason they left. The POV shifts back inside, and I run to the front door, which is unlocked, the men begin knocking at the door, and even open it, but I slam it shut and lock it. the guy points his gun at the window, showing us, but doesnt shoot. I begin to become panicked, and go to call the cops, but every time I try to dial 911, it always comes out as something different, like my phone wouldnt let me. I had a feeling of betrayal at this time. Now, I realized that the side door was unlocked and I rushed to go lock it, but find that the men are already outside. I'm only about 10 feet away from it, but it feels that there is nothing I can do, and I stop dead. The men rush in the house, and at that point I wake up. This dream also had a pervading sense of insecurity.

    A dream I had two nights ago...

    I was on the coast somewhere, it was really foggy, and I was in a restaurant over the water. Bill Murray walks in, who I know to be my Father, and he is holding a gun. He threatens to kill me, but I am transported to another building over the water. Bill Murray is pissed that I escaped, and summons these things to pursue me. They are Zombie creatures, that are half human, and half penguin, they have little to no intelligence. They had such an aura of fear that I instantly stopped wanting to continue the dream, and immediately woke up. It was really cold when I woke up, and I found that the A/C was set to 17 degrees celcius.

    Well, there you are.

    Any thoughts or comments are appreciated.
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    before I go to sleep,. I turn off the DVD player while: Rise of the Machines is on..

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