I dreamt I met my hero.

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by Miss_Beatle, May 2, 2007.

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    Last night I dreamt that I was sleeping and then suddenly awakened by a knock at my bedroom door. I said "come in" sleepily, and to my disbelief, John Lennon walked right into my bedroom.

    He started talking to me about how his getting shot was a mistake, meant for someone else or something like that. He told me that it was not his time to go yet, and he never got to finish what he started.

    He then asked if I would help finish it. He had been watching me, knew about my friend and I's dream to buy a bus and promote peace worldwide, knew I really wanted to, and asked me if I would, really basically giving me permission to, and telling me it would make him happy for me to.

    I tried to ask him what the hell was going on and how he was there, but he wouldn't answer me, he just gave me that classic John smile [or more of a smirk], and silently walked out of the room.

    When I tried to get out of my bed to see where he was going, I couldn't. It was like I literally couldn't move.

    And then I was awakened my cat pawing at my face.

    I can't stop thinking about this dream. I mean obviously I want nothing more than to meet him, and so obviously this was just my imagination letting me see and hear and feel what I always have wanted to see, hear, and feel; John's presence.

    But..i mean..what if it wasn't.

    Ugh I'm so confused as to what this means.

    Someone wanna help me out here? I'm driving myself insane over this...
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    WOW! That's some heavy shit.. What a dream! I'm not gonna tell you to do it or anything.. that will be up to you.. but wow.. that was some dream you had lol.
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    Well if he was actually there talking to you, the only way you'd know is because your mind would be telling you so. What's the difference? You can say one's "real" and the other isn't, but there's no real difference.

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