I don't understand relationships.

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by Gravity, May 31, 2007.

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    I don't see how two opposites can attract.

    I know couples who are so different from their partners, that I genuinely ask myself how they communicate with each other. On partner can be smart, social and have a wicked sense of humour and the other partner can be a fucking lemon in milk with acrophobia and a sense of humour a 2 year old autistic kid would be ashamed of.

    One couple in particular don't communicate at all. They talk, but they don't communicate. When we are forced to go out to dinner with them, it's painful watching one of them try to interact with the rest of us. Including their partner. There's just such a gap it's actually embasassing.

    Yet they maintain a house together etc. I can't fathom what their time alone consists of because they really have nothing in common, no common interests, nothing.

    My girlfriend is on my wave length. She's intelligent enough to sit through Newsnight without asking questions. She's far more social than I am and she's got a reasonable sense of humour.

    I'm not saying we are one in the same, she's still a woman and still thinks I give a fuck about half the shit she rabbits on about and she bitches about me alot. But we can communicate and... well, be normal. When people sit down with us, they always remark on it.

    How can you love and understand some one you have nothing in common with? What's the point? I mean...

    Fuck knows what I mean.
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    me and my lady have nothing in common. nothing at all... im that i dont give a fuck type, fuck hollywood, fuck mtv, just give me a blunt and everything is ok... she's more immature, into that hollywood garbage, and watches mtv all day everyday.... I honestly dont kno how were still together, but we are, and i like it... and i kno she's happy... we communicate in our own ways...
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    Hmm yeah it's funny how that sort of relationship can work out.. But really, I don't think they do work out so well. There has to be some common ground to build from, I think.

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