I dont know what to do anymore..

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by Inferno, May 26, 2007.

  1. Inferno

    Inferno Member

    Hey, im almost 17 and i havn't had a real girl friend my whole life. No matter how hard i try i get 0 luck with a girl.. I think i have gotten the "Lets just be friends" bs line about 3 times a month... This is really starting to get to me.. Im scared im soon going to turn Emo.. I really need help. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? I am like the shyest person ever so this is like impossable for me to do.. I know that i will evently find someone because evryone and there dog has already told me this.. but i just cant stand waiting anymore..
  2. Duck

    Duck quack. Lifetime Supporter

    too bad, you are gonna have to
    work on improving yourself, try to forget about girls for the moment, they'll come running before you know it

    and what is that 'Im scared im soon going to turn Emo' I hope that wasn't serious
    following a stupid trend has nothing to do with real depression/despair
  3. Inferno

    Inferno Member

    Emo doesnt mean you cut yourself it mean really overly emotional
  4. Duck

    Duck quack. Lifetime Supporter

    typically, 'Emo', specially with that capital E there, means someone who follows the emo trend

    adn when did I say anything about cutting?
  5. Inferno

    Inferno Member

    lol i just thought thats what you were going at sorry :/
  6. WhisperingWoods

    WhisperingWoods too far gone

    Stupid fad, but sheep only know how to follow.

    On another note, you need to have more confidence. Much more confidence. If you're showing how shy you are, girls generally don't go for that.
  7. Inferno

    Inferno Member

    beleave me.. i try
  8. Riggs

    Riggs Banned

    Don't think about it so much. If you dwell on this too long, nothing seems to happen. Go about your life and try not to make things happen.. let things happen. There is a time for everything, your time hasn't got here yet.
  9. gjg

    gjg Member

    ...and dont let chicks give you advice. The north american system is set to empoer controlling women who need to appear benign on these forums. Dont buy it. they are socailly sacnctioned street whores who will end up bleeding you dry for 1/2 or more of evrything you ever make. and the worst aprt about iot is you wont even get satisafction. that is their M.O. I was much like you. Dont buy into it! Remeber- everyone pays for the pussy. The more you treat them like litle princesses, the more thay dump on you. They take the area of least resistance and find the biggest assholes , but you or i arent like those guys, so just be proud. there isnt anything wrong with you. Sorry to give you the hard facts, but no. ameriacn women are famous for being detestable. Youre a real man, and thats why they hate you.Go to a local knock shop. Spend the bread a get a beautiful 18 yo with frim titties and tight stomach. repeat as neceassary> youll be ok .
  10. Lorna

    Lorna The Magician

    the boy is 18 and you send him to prostitutes??
    you want himn to bang a poor girls sex slave from russia or eastern Europe or what?
    you are sick!

    I can tell you Inferno that the "lets just be friend" is the worse bs line who was ever created, i dont know who is the bastrd that first spelled it, but he should get hang to the highest tree!
    Lets just be friend is another word for get off or bust off or f off i aint interested at all.
    What you can do is be ytourself, even its easier say than done, as who am i comes first in mind and age 18 cant be a thing your know much about yet, but still dont get in the trnd that "they did it, so shall I"
    In french we have a saying that goes like that:
    "better alone than in bad company"
    could be that oyu are actually saving you for lots of trouble , even its troubling you to odnt have chicks troubles yet..
    In my meaning, you need to see other people than those you hang wiht.
    You girl isnt among them, so switch territory.
    Go else where, different coofee shops, different palce to hang around, change school if you feel like, and go in a different disco.
    with a diffe3rent style too.
    walk in different streets than you usually do, go to all the places you never go to, and you will meet her.
    She will certainly be a girl that never usually go there either.
    could be oyu are asking the wrong way too.
    start small, gradually approach.
    You know the saying? if you want to be love love oyurself.
    That one sucks too, but is partialy true.
    partialy because i think that there is many prisoner and victims in the worls and fox in auschwitz who loved themselves, but nobody loved them back, aparently not enough to dont kill them....
    But oyu aint there, so there is more hope..lol!
    sorry, couldnt resist it...
    If you cant found any reason way no girls want you, then thats because there is soemthing wrong with those girls way to see life.
    So keep your own views and be proud of it and go hunting in another jungle.
    Being turned down isnt funny nor good for your feelings, so drop doing so unless she show interest for you to begin with.
    Maybe you have go too strong, even beign shy, by asking out girls who had never look at you before..
    You need love, to be loved and also to give love, it is very human and essential to us all, we all have this need, many dont have but got a gf and no problems at getting one, so in fact you have a big advantage even if you feel out.
    Take the train, and go soemwhere you ahve never been, for a day or 2.
    Do things you never did before.
    Expand you mind, by travelling geographycally, it will make a clic somewhere and result insomething different happening, or where oyu will have go to, or rigth where you live now.
    Use this time to learn about being lonely, what to do about it, and to better understand yourself and how you work.
    About the girls saying "lets just be frieannnd" well be, and use it as an observation and learnig platform, to understand girls and how to get at htem, go out with your "friend gilrl" (lol) and have friendly talk, and interests, and become more and more familiar with girls tastes and kind of activities, and what to say and what is a blur out, and have fun at the same time.
    You dont have a problem, you have your pocket full of cryptonite, but dont remember how to use it!
    Learn it today, and tomorrow you will be Superman!


    Goodluck baby, possibilities are infinite you just have to adjust the angle you are looking at. And suddendly, the view is so much brighter.
  11. gjg

    gjg Member

    like I said. theres a quiet dignity in a prostitute. hes 17. Girls dont like him for a reason, otherwise he would already be hooked up. Youre advise is pathetic, only beacuase i tried it. you might as wel lbe a chick. Dude.DONT stand on the sidelines. Theres women , very pretty women,. Youre adicted to the image of the western woman presented by the media. I am proud that you arent accepted by these bitches and and the American whores that everyone is a slave to. Believe me . I know whats its like to be enthralled, but all i can say is dont accept being outcast . there are so many american males like me who refuse to buy into that B.s. Save your money and go to a place where a woman will give you waht you desreve. Everyone pays for the pussy, but i will tell you that western women will rip you off and you get waht you pay for with a prostoiitute at least . Im not sick, just like many guys who are SICK and tired of western women!!I wish someone woulda told me this when I was your age.It woulda saved me alot of grief!!!
  12. fexurbis

    fexurbis Member

    I understand what you're saying, gjg. I've even made that argument myself. But you're leaving something out; and that is, prostitutes are almost certainly not going to be emotionally satisfying either.

    There is no advice. Sorry to say. Women will give you some syrupy bullshit about how to find the love of your life. Unfortunately, you were born in a day and age improper for cross-gender romance. Hang tight, and wait for the fluke. Hopefully we'll survive.

    P.S. Be aware that women reject a priori. I don't know you, but you could be a very attractive, fascinating guy and still not get the time of day. The only thing that guarantees you'll get women (meaning the ones that fuck) is money. Money, money, money.
  13. Musikero

    Musikero Supporters HipForums Supporter

    fexurbis is right: if you just want a woman (or women) to have sex with, then money is a guarantee. But if you're looking for emotional satisfaction within a romantic relationship, then there are no guarantees, no 100 % effective advice for you.
  14. gjg

    gjg Member

    I dont believe your entirely correct in context. American women arent attracted to a guy for money in itself-because everyone is throwing money at them, at least the good looking ones, trying to get their attention so they become immune to it, I mean unless wrere talking huge money of course. Status, looks and/or personality (read arraogant prick) and sure, money,will get you fcked by sluts, and thats all most genuine guys can reasonably expect i think, unless, like the guy said, you wait for the fluke.but sluts are hella fun, altho be careful, they can rip you off and sooner or later one of you is gonna want something more---or something less-more sooner than later-sluts are fast and most likely youll get a one night stand, or a few fucks at best, so thats why we go from hoe to hoe.Don't fall in love with a slut tho-i learned the hard way. But seriously. throw down on some whores if necessary, but first try and try and find sluts in the meantime, and get a respectable girl if you can, and dont wait too long cause then youre trying for girls with damaged goods and rejection queens, and that never works either......oh yea, one more thing; Dont listen to advise from cynical old geezers like me-trust your instincts and find your own way.Listen to the chicks on the forum. What a woman says is always right cause they act from a natural inclination. Woman in general can get idealistic, and they can lie and mislead you, but here on these forums they are pretty straight up and offer great and invaluavble advice ive learned.
  15. Musikero

    Musikero Supporters HipForums Supporter

    Actually I was referring to prostitutes. Even if they're not attracted to you they'll still fuck you if you the money to pay them, right? That's how money guarantees sex (JUST sex). But if it's sex WITHIN a relationship, then that's an entirely different ballgame.
  16. lucyinthesky16

    lucyinthesky16 pirate wench

    gjg, you are a sexist. i can't believe there could be so much hate in one person, but people continue to amaze me. you honestly think all women are evil? excuse me, "western women". That all we are after is money? you know what? i have a boyfriend, and he's flat broke. I PAY FOR EVERYTHING. But i stay with him because of this silly thing called LOVE. i don't give a shit that i have to pay for everything. there will always be money in the world, but there is only one of him. you seem to think that women have no soul and that our only purpose is to hurt men. do you realize how ignorant you sound? i am a "western woman" and i have a heart and a soul, and a good one at that. do you think perhaps that it's your attitude towards women that drove your woman away? i know i wouldn't be able to stand you more than five minutes. karma is going to come back to you ten-fold, hope you're ready for it.

    Inferno-let me be honest with you. high school relationships are not as important as they seem. i know exactly what you're going through, i was single most of my high school career as well. even afterwards i wasn't having much luck. i didn't get a real boyfriend until i was 19! so don't fret- usually the ones that wait longer are the ones with the more satisfying relationship in the end. meanwhile-try to enjoy the single life! take those "just friends" out to the movies. play it cool, who knows maybe they'll change their mind? ;) hope things go well. and remember, high school is so small compared to the rest of your life.
  17. lucyinthesky16

    lucyinthesky16 pirate wench

    i just read fexurbis's post as well. man this is one sexist forum. you guys should be ashamed.
  18. Cutted

    Cutted Cutted

    Inferno - join some social groups or clubs where you can meet girls your own age. If you start to do club or group activities with them jointly, a friendship may blossom, which could lead to dating and sex.
  19. Inferno

    Inferno Member

    Wow.. Look what i started here :/ And my hanging with other ppl is impossable when you live in a small rural town with 10k ppl in it :/ All the half decent girls that im attacted to are already hanging off someone. There is only 320 ppl in my school so im limited really bad. I guess the only way im gonna even have a chance is finnish my grade 12 and get the hell out of here..It seems like the only girls i can find are on the net.. but again they dont know me in RL and if they did know me in RL they would give me the cold sholder like ever girl does in my life:/ Hell most girls wont even look at me :/ Am i really that ugly? now come on..
  20. fexurbis

    fexurbis Member

    Sweetie, notice my qualification "the one's that fuck" - never have I thought that ALL women want money and money only.

    It's quite clear there are women out there who want things other than money, but women like you tend to be in relationships or looking for one. And that means no sex unless all the stars line up and our personalities are fit for each other.

    The women who fuck, that is, women who are willing to sexually experiment, are USUALLY well aware that they can get favors, material and otherwise, for their time.

    Further: I'm actually the least sexist man you'll ever meet. It's hilarious that you should think I'm a sexist. BUT, I tell things THE WAY THEY ARE - that is, I don't sugar-coat anything. I don't think women who fuck are after money because they are evil. I think they do that because of social and gender dynamics, and gender relations could change into something much more egalitarian and satisfying for both genders if we acknowledge the problems that exist now:

    Denying that a significant portion of women use men for material favors and are used for sex will get us nowhere.

    Even though I'm far as hell from being a sexist (most women are more male chauvinists than I am in fact), I DO ressent women - precisely because I love them more than anything else, and my relationship with them is so poor.

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