i don't have any tattooes either

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Boogabaah, Jun 28, 2006.

  1. Boogabaah

    Boogabaah I am not here

    i was helping my roommate take a shower...

    and i notice she didn't have any tattooes i say to her,

    "i don't have any tattooes either" .. she gives me this "huh?" look

    then we both just start laughing. she says.. "yep, you're weird."
  2. fritz

    fritz Heathen

    I have three...
    Wait, why were you helping your roomate shower?
  3. Boogabaah

    Boogabaah I am not here

    she has MS, can't stand or walk. her morning aide had something else to do.. so it was up to me to help her shower
  4. alex714

    alex714 To the Left



    I dont have any tats either. I dont really dig 'em.
  5. Boogabaah

    Boogabaah I am not here

    at first i thought it might be weird, but it's not really. kinda like helping a little kid bathe, just a grown-up size body. plus i know how good i feel after taking a shower, so i know she is thankful that she doesn't have to sit around and get filthy.
  6. fritz

    fritz Heathen

    It's very cool that you help her. See nothing wrong with that at all...
    I just didn't get that part from your first post. :)
  7. Boogabaah

    Boogabaah I am not here

    she's a neat lady too. she said to me "i can't be shy anymore, since half the east coast has helped me use the toilet." talking about all the aides she's had and all the medical people she's seen.
  8. fritz

    fritz Heathen

    Yeah, I just got done being one of those aides..Sort of..Though it was unofficial...Kinda wondering now if I can use that experience and segway it into a new sort of career now.
    It's really admirable of you to help just because you can. :) I wish more ppl were like that.
  9. Boogabaah

    Boogabaah I am not here

    she needed a summer roommate, i needed a summer home.i get free room and board, all i have to do is help her out. she decided she wants me to get paid too for what i do, so by the end of this week i should be offically an aide of hers too. i'm only going to be here about two more months. great experiance though.
  10. Raving Sultan

    Raving Sultan Banned

    I have a tattoo on my shoulder, can i still get a spongebath?
  11. Boogabaah

    Boogabaah I am not here

    ahahaha sure, why not? but you have to act "helpless"
  12. Zoomie

    Zoomie My mom is dead, ok?

    Who says it would be an act?
  13. hippychickmommy

    hippychickmommy Sugar and Spice

    No tats here either.

    You sound like you're really good with your roommate, taking care of her. Maybe that would be a good line of work for you to get into once you take off again, like a home health care aid, something like that.

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