i dont have a brain recorder, but it would help.

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by buddm4n, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. buddm4n

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    yo yall im new here, i cant relay my message properly as its flowing in my brain, it makes me insane . so i type cause thats the next fastest thing to talking....which doesnt translate my message either.....writing has been lately...but i need a brain recorder if any1 can work onthat......

    my daylife story

    i havent even started the script from my life story
    i think ill wake up early, get ripped, and finish it in the morning
    then go on with my day; my hooded armor surrounding me
    and no blue meanies in my way to hold onto my shoulders as I
    blaze through the territory.

    Back inside now the night is bright as its time to talk to grandpa- maybe take a nap or two; but then i wake up (no brain recorder)
    i try to relay the thoughts from my head to you.
    "just go to sleep man and take some tylenol"
    i guess it would induce the placibo effect, to supress my libido
    at least id get some sleep though
    so i might as well try itand eat some grapes on the way,
    strange purple green tangling banana's its surpising what you find at 2 hours after midnight, to eat and dream, and dream...

    thoughts across a land on signs flying down the highway
    but they're backwords, into on coming traffic
    and in another language, do you see my direction?
    i drive this road every day of the week
    and all i see is peek peek PEEK
    i try to relay the thoughts from my head, but i havent even started the script from my life story yet, maybe ill wake up early, finish in the morning.

    Doin' the hard shit again

    i had just done it
    the blood was there, on my wrist
    the feeling was amazing and i was getting away quick
    the smell, the texture it brang back all the memories back
    a porkchop, 2 of em and they were mine now
    the old five finger cleveland Barbeque underway, having those flashes
    weve been here before, weve been here before

    i heard it wrong
    the sands on the ocean are a woman at home
    waiting for a hermit to come along, that she don't know
    laying here, waiting for an airplane
    Don't know how to fly, don't know the airflow


    a past thought beat drown in the aftermath
    silver hell rat run down to continue the foodchain expector's match
    starting with the rusting mailbox the property owner had blown his hair dryer. he gets a meal on the lazy ass past mistaken raisin dropped below the both slowed bottles shadows
    the last plan oughtta be down from the drugstore neighborhood, blowing dryers left and right, to follow the last floaters facing a popped Hello to note the slowed racing coast.


    this is the time of the day when i feel invicible to the world
    this is the time of the day i feel invicible to the world
    i rise upon sunshine, i rise when i am high.
    this is the way that i live my life, for i am the eyes of the world

    let me enjoy this moment
    for I am the eyes of the world
    let me enjoy this moment , let me enjoy this moment
    there was a time when I couldn't see, the beauty of the day
    there was a time when I could not see the mystery before me
    a time that you will pass , and know when I have seen
    this is the time of the day, when you're invicible to the world
    this is the time of the day when you become the eyes of the world
    enjoy this moment
    enjoy this moment
    enjoy this moment for we are the eyes of the world.

    im new so feedback would be nice, all these feelings and words i dont have anyone to tell me how theyre flowing..i love you
  2. buddm4n

    buddm4n Member

    each whack in the head
    brings you back again,
    from forgotten islands' shores
    or to the strangely most familiar friends

    deja vu will play its part
    you'll break her heart
    a place for no great man to start
    deja vu will play its part
    another whack and your back in time
    one more chance to live it in rewind,

    but even though youll recognize the pub tunes and
    and logic breaking rules
    deja vu lends its hoist.

    this path may seem like one of choices
    but nature has a way of noticing and redirecting its courses.
    as many times as you've tried to fix it
    -a new way to find those shores
    nature has a way of redirecting its courses.
  3. buddm4n

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    Hampton Sydney Greek Week
    thats how it all started
    the last thought of the day
    write it down when you've the urge
    it was a picture on a t-shirt
    a skeleton with a tuxedo on, to flirt
    holding a rose rubber banded and a martini one handed
    a grin on his face hiding dismay
    the skeleton was me you could say

    i put on my finest tie-dyed t-shirt
    and some shoes that never even seen any dirt
    its going to be a great week-
    the first thought of today
    i had some red hearts and orange anchors
    and my arm rubber banded, one handed
    "i do's what i do's and eats what i eats"
    thats what the skeleton said bout three years ago today
    an old man then, with nowhere to stay
    with a grin on his face hiding dismay
    i guess i could become the old man you could say
  4. buddm4n

    buddm4n Member

    anyone ? anyone? id just like to know if anyone shared the same thoughts as presented in LOST, that no matter what we do - we have a predestined spot in this universe. Even though youre presented with an infinite number of paths in your life they all end up in the same place, whether you know it/like it or not....

    just a thought catalyzed from an out of body experience, 4th plateau dxm mmmm
  5. errrrm ah er hmmm phew!
    you haven't given up a day job to do this have you ?
  6. buddm4n

    buddm4n Member

    yes ive given up my dayjob to write poetry and invent a brain recorde..because mass publication of poetry is the new BIG THING in the career field. dumbass. not to be rude.

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