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Discussion in 'Synthetic Drugs' started by Myscreename34987, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Im ordering 1gram of 2c-i from an online manufacturer, canada or china to united states.

    I cannot get a fake ID, and would like to break as few laws as possible in the process of receiving my shipment. So a PO box or PMB might be out of the question, an abandoned location is also out of the question unfortunately.

    Is shipping to my home address, with my credit card, and my e-mail address, completely out of the question? ( just plain dumb possibly? ) I noticed quit a few people seem to be confident in the analog act, and had little worries about the smaller amounts passing through,

    If I was to place an order using my current information, and my order of 2 grams of 2c-i was seized at US customs, what repercussions would I likely face? ( speak from experience please )

    I wont be ordering any more than a 2 grams of any RC at a time, and will not be ordering anything scheduled ( IE - 2c-b 2c-t7 )

    Thank you guys for your help --I never post because you guys have this shit on lock down. :cheers2:

    :hat: Peace and Love - KIZ
  2. klondike_bar

    klondike_bar Senior Member

    i replied to your pm, and will recap quickly here. (keep in mind i have limited experience and a naive trust in our rights/freedoms)

    i have always used my own address, and variations of my name. (i have 2 middle names, so it gives me several non-official variations). To my knowledge, customs would rather sieze a package then go through the effort/paperwork of trying to bust a small-time analouge "abuser".
  3. The credit card I would use would be in my girlfriends name, is this not a good idea?

    What do people typically use?

    I heard E gold from someone.
  4. binary shadow

    binary shadow Visitor

    Getting an analog to your own address isn't that risky, using your credit card to pay though I would never ever do that. Getting 2c-i to your house its a one time chance that it will get seized and they will prosecute you (unlikely on both counts). On the other hand if they ever decide to make an example of customers instead of vendors (probably somewhere down the road, who knows when) your credit card data will be on record with them and your credit card company for ages.

    E-gold isn't good anymore they got busted for money laundering a year or so back. Try liberty reserve or Pecunix these days. I highly suggest you do NOT pay with your credit card or any other way that can be traced back to you.

    Not to mention do you really want to trust some random semi-drug-dealer fuck in Canada or China with your CC details? Skimmers and drug people are usually pretty close.

    Use a random E-mail address accessed with Tor. I doubt the vendor you are using knows what GPG is even if they take credit cards, but for an analog thats not super important for the customer to worry about.

    so to sum up:

    analog drug

    ---to your own house? (safe)

    ---pay with your cc or a friends? (stupid)

    ---use your own email address accessed from your own internet? (stupid)

    Getting a pack in the mail, once you got it you are good. Using your own email, your own CC etc, you could very well get fucked a year or two years down the line.

    as far as to what would happen if it got seized. You would probably get a letter from customs telling you that you had something seized and asking you if you want to claim it. You just totally ignore their letter and they destroy your shipment (and the evidence ;-P) after like a month. If you claim it they will ask for proof that you are allowed to have it, and if you don't have proof they will probably arrest you. For illegal shit OTHER than pharmaceutical pills, they will try a controlled delivery or will raid you. But for analogs and even MOST scheduled pills (leaning more towards xanax that oxy here) you will just get a love letter and your address will be flagged. If you get more than one or two love letters you will prob get control delivery or raided the next time they intercept your packs, and they will watch your packs pretty carefully after the first time.

    Another possibility is they will just send it on through. I know a dude who had a large order of 2c-e get seized by customs. They almost certainly tested it for a ton of illegal substances and couldn't figure out what it was, so they repacked it and sent it on its way.
  5. Oildros

    Oildros Member

    In the past year, I got some 2c-I (small amount for my GF and I), and I would vouch for it being possible at least. I also use a middle name to receive sketchy shipments, and a made up e.mail. Just use your head. If the website sounds sketchy, it probably is. Smart websites can ship things in discrete packages; i.e. psilocybe mushroom spores as "gardening supplies," etc. (Although they aren't illegal, like a bunch a research chems, who wants to be on any list? Or even just have customs asking funny questions. Too sketchy.)
  6. Prea

    Prea Member

    I just ordered some 2c-i the other day. Used my credit card, my name, and my address. Lol. The vendor is legit and sends it in a discreet package, so I'm not worried.

    And I used alertpay to pay for it.
  7. Meretrix

    Meretrix Member

    I agree with almost everyone here saying using credit cards to pay for questionably legal substances is a bad idea. I normally use a fake name, real address, and pay through Western Union, even though they charge you up the ass for their services I believe they are one of the best options since you use cash and there is no record of you (Under your real name at least) buying anything. Just don't order over the phone and hopefully you'll get lucky and go to a place where you don't need to show ID, some places ask since technically they are supposed to ask, just most don't care.
  8. porkstock41

    porkstock41 stay positive and love your life ~311

    i used a money order with my real name. oops. i contacted the guy through my gmail, and shipped to my apt. 250 mgs, and i'll probably never do it again. if i do at least i know now to create a different email and use a fake name. i suggest a money order.

    so should i try to delete my gmail and don't use it anymore?
  9. Severely stoned

    Severely stoned Senior Member

    narc run away!
  10. Care to tell me what about my post was "NARC" like?

    Umm.... To many white girls mayby? Paranoid?.

    Go read some of my other posts or something. I dont know, damn. chill. smoke a joint or something.
  11. blitz7341

    blitz7341 Banned

    i do the same kind of thing. always use money order, have it sent to me under my name. im not too worried tho. i would like to think that the DEA spends their time going after the large scale cocaine and methamphetamine distributers, rather that hunting down small time analogue abusers

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