I Consider Myself a Boomer... regardless of what this indicates

Discussion in 'Latest Hip News Stories' started by Duncan, Sep 15, 2022.

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    But I most certainly am - born in 1948 !!!
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    I was born in 1954, apparently an in-between time when the Boomers were waning and Jones was rising. I was a little too young to join the original hippies though I got a taste of the counter culture, and later watched while the world changed and hippies were swept aside. As a result I'm idealistic yet realistic.
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    Just another label imo............Boomers/Millennials/ect.......I think i am from the "Patat generatie"(73).

    It makes a big difference in what time(and place) you are born....and what is "normal".:D

    Learn from eachother, is my best guess(experience/idears/ect)..........cant change the present.

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    I was born in the 80s, but generation labels mean nothing to me. As a boy, if I wanted music, I had to buy it. Now, there's YouTube, and I can stick to the 60/70s when it comes to music/movies/comedy. I don't have interest in the last 40 years because I've lived it, but because there's nothing to offer when it comes to art. I can't muster enough energy to watch a movie, so if I try, I'm going to go with the highest probability. And today is another day I didn't watch a movie. Tried yesterday - couldn't get into it. A big problem is being able to watch thousands of movies for free online. Now, I can't think of any. I post on message boards for recommendations, and see most of them, or try websites that recommends movies based on a movie you like, but it's not very good, or I've seen it already.

    It's sad that the MOVIE section here has only had some activity once since February :(
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    Nonsense. Not, you Duncan. I agree with you. The source you linked and are disagreeing with is nonsense.

    The U.S. Census Bureau, Pew Research Center, Brookings Institution, Britannica, and the Population Reference Bureau, just to name a few, all define the baby boom generation in the US to be those born during the period of 1946-1964.

    In fact, I couldn't find a single credible source among demographers who disagrees. Most defer to the Census Bureau, and I can see no reason to do otherwise.

    Barack Obama is a very bright guy, and he can exclude himself if he likes, especially when making a speech and for effect, but he's a lawyer, constitutional scholar, community educator, autobiographical author, and statesman. He's not a demographer. He's not a reliable authority on the subject of anyone but him born in the US during the period of 1946 and 1964.

    A "generation" is generally considered to be a period of about 25 years. 1946-1964, inclusive, is only 19 years. Breaking that into 2 even smaller periods of 9 and 10 years each, and calling them "generations," makes very little sense. People don't begin having and raising children at age 9, not in any significant numbers.

    Obama's parents were born in 1934 (father) and 1942 (mother). He was born in 1961. There wasn't any generation-skipping going on. He is of one generation, and both of his parents are of the immediately preceding generation.

    All this is is an attempt by a few living people to make the time in which they live seem more momentous, more interesting, and of greater historical importance than it really is. As the wise know, sayin' don't make it so.
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