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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by blenderhead, Apr 7, 2007.

  1. blenderhead

    blenderhead Member

    right. well.
    i like this girl, ive told her i like her on the phone, she sent me a text saying "...and about what you said; ditto"...so we like each other. :D
    the thing is, is that she has a close friendship with my ex of 2 years (been split for a year this month)...n i just kinda wana talk about past relationships with this girl. i know she was seein a guy for about a half year n stuff, n i'd really like to hear how she took the break up n stuff, whatever's on her mind really, if anything. we've kinda, a tiny bit, talked about this dude one night we were walking her to her door at like 4am or something (i live like 1hour15mins walk away, lol).
    so yeah, how'd it bring it up to her without seeming too 'forward', if thats the word? or is it a stupid idea wanting to discuss this with her? lol. i dunno.

    for the girls: if you agreed to meet up with a lad that likes you, for a midnight walk, and he comes through on the last bus, knowing he has to walk 4 miles to get back home at 2:30am, what would you think of the dude? (take it in my situation too, as in i like her, n she likes me kinda thing).

    ...i know none of this made sense, in all probability, but she makes me buzz :)

  2. feralfey

    feralfey Member

    Just ask her. She might want to be asking you the same thing, but she may not know how to bring it up. Also, I'm a girl and yes I would. Before we got married, my husband used to take the bus for four or five hours each way to see me. And he had a long wait at the terminals each time waiting for transfers. He didn't live very far away if we had been driving, but neither of us drove. I thought he was a great man, and I thought of him all the time. Still do. :)
  3. Genie

    Genie Member

    It's hard to make sense when you're 'buzzed' about someone :)

    If both of you like each other and communicate pretty well, then it shouldn't be too hard to bring past relationships up. Most people are probably ready to talk about their ex if they're getting into something with a new person.
    If you really care about what she thinks and what she felt, it would be hard for you to appear 'forward', instead of affectionate and showing interest. Perhaps, something along the lines of: "How did the break-up with *guy* go for you? Did you get through it ok?"
    And if she's not ready/comfortable to talk about her ex, she'll probably tell you so and maybe appreciate a short and sweet "that's ok" from you + a hug. :)

    p.s. yep, as a girl, I'd be flattered, take it as a compliment and probably like you a bit more.
  4. blenderhead

    blenderhead Member

    lol, right, the word "buzzed"...you know that feeling you get inside, when ya feel like your whole body is "shakey" or "electric", but in a good way? whats buzzin. some other northeastern english lads use the term for being high on xtc, but thats just baaad. lol :)

    i think i'll try n talk to her abit more about stuff when i see her next...although that might be at the beach with the "old crew"...so maybe another time :p

    also. it appears my g'rents may be going away at the end of this month, so, do you think it'd be alright to ask her at this early development to ask her "hey, you fancy just coming round to chill on say Saturday night??"...lol. sorry for all the simple questions. its a whole new thing for me, n im like "argghhh" but also at the same time "woooo" kinda thing. yes. you all know deep inside. lol.

    thanks a lot. :)

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