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  1. Is it just my parents or does every parent when the child is 17 like to hold them back from their freedom every time they wanna go out? I dont get it. I wanted to go out after school because im stressed out. I told my mom im going to walmart and cd place to pick up tickets. my mom says "no! i wont have gas for the car." i said mom ill put gas in its alright. she still says no and we start arguing. im sick of this, everytime when i finally get paid and want to go out. i cant. this has been going on and im so tird of yelling and yelling. my stress mode is going higher and higher and my hate for them is just moving right up. im offering MY earned money for gas and what she needs for the car. i dunno how long i cry every night just to get it out. im sick of crying and yelling. i just want her to get out of my way. 12 days of school left, i cant screw up this year. the bad thing, summer's coming up and there will be nothing to do, i DONT want to be in the house with her at all! i just wanna get away, i cant talk to my family about this because i dont think i can. some how they will find out that i really dont like living with them

    all this stuff started when we moved. i HATE where i live and i want to move back to the burbs. i give myself peaceful time so i dont lose my head then take my life and try to go to chicago and see my best friend<3 i dunno what to o, please help :(
  2. Hello! I went through similar things with my two sons and for a while I thought they hated my guts and always would. But eventually we became a big happy family again and I wish you and your family the same. Cheers!
  3. Kaid

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    To use your argument against you; you are trying to use THEIR earned money in the form of their car and insurance. So why do you think they shouldn't have a say in it. Truely enjoy the time you have now while everything is free, it doesn't last long. Speaking of which you have only a short time to go. I can guarantee you that, if their is no abuse, the smart thing to do is to make your home life as pleasant as possible. When they tell you no just so ok maybe next time. You will show them you are maturing and at least you won't be stressed until a whole year from now when you move out. Start saving that money.
  4. drumminmama

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    so quit crying and yelling. You are old enough to have THAT much self control.

    My spouse and I share one car. We, luckily, live in a place with decent if not spectacular bus service.
    we schedule the car use based on need work comes first, followed by other income opportunities.
    It isn't perfect, but it works.
    Whomever has the car offers to do minor errands.
    We try to make sure he isn't always using pocket money for gas, unless I have not used the car (I went from December to April without using it, and only rode as a passenger half a dozen times).

    As for your independence, freedom isn't free, and you have to negotiate. Consider it good training for room mates.
    If you know several day ahead of time you want to get tix for something, ask when the best time would be for that errand. Set a time limit, and gas the car and clean the windows.
  5. Stillravenmad

    Stillravenmad Member

    Well, your since you're working, save up your money and buy your own car. I guarantee that somebody in Chicago has a piece of shit car that can get you back and forth from where you want to go that they are willing to sell for $800.
  6. Alaskan

    Alaskan Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Insurance, now there a can of worms. When my oldest daughter was 17, she had not learned to drive yet and couldn't figure out how get it out of the driveway.
    Anyhow, my insurance got bumped up a lot, just because I had a teenager in the house and did have access to the cars and truck.
    Went around with them until I was blue in the face, they wouldn't bend.
    Well Lulu, save your $$$ and buy your own car, gas and insurance.
    And as mama said, stop your yelling, mom will think your growing up.....
  7. freeinalaska

    freeinalaska Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Most parents of teenagers make them earn their freedoms by exibiting mature behaviour. School work must be done, grades must be at an acceptable level and generally staying out of trouble is a must before I let my teenagers go out and about. This includes their attitude at home. Any kid of mine yelling all the time and crying about their freedoms being restricted will lose more freedom as well.

    Look, it's our job as a parent to help our kids stay out of situations where they could make bad descisions and to guide them through the teen years to become a resposible adult.

    Save your money and buy your own car. And look at the bright side....only one more year to go. The you'll be 18 and an adult and will have the fun of paying your own way, feeding yourself, buying your own insurance and having to be responsible for yourself.
  8. well ill try. i just have a quick temper when it comes to them. i guess im getting impatient about turning 18 :p
  9. freeinalaska

    freeinalaska Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    My mother always said you catch more flies with honey than vinigar. Give your folks a break, be nice and negociate. You may be pleasantly surprised.

    My 15 y/o daughter has more freedom now that her 17 y/o brother ever has. She's kept her shit together and has been a pleasant member of the family. If she asks if she can leave school with so and so to go wherever and will be home at this time, I let her. She hasn't lied and has proven herself trustworthy. Her brother could kick himself in the ass right now, because he knows his situation is his own fault.

    Hang in there. I remember being your age and understand. Don't forget to enjoy your youth though. Being a young adult own your own has a whole new set of problems. For now enjoy someone filling the frige and keeping the heat and lights on for you. It won't last forever.
  10. Hello! I was thinking that finding a happy medium between you and your parents might begin by first cranking up a song by Cheep Trick. It’s that one - Mommies alright – daddies alright they just seem a little strange, something - something - got my Kiss album out. Hang on and you will all laugh about it in the future cheers!
  11. Stillravenmad

    Stillravenmad Member

    Surrender... Lol. I love that song.
  12. lovelyhippo

    lovelyhippo Member

    My parents are worst. and i'm not even a trouble maker, its cause im a girl. my brother went out whenever he wanted. my parents couldn't control him.

  13. Lorna

    Lorna The Magician

    Beautifull pic stillraven.. hmm, really sweet..
  14. Stillravenmad

    Stillravenmad Member

    Thank you!
  15. Riggs

    Riggs Banned

    Letting go is hard for a parent.
  16. guy

    guy Senior Member

    just console yourself with the thought that some women still live with their mother at the age of 40 and still argue with them constantly, followed by the sullen silences. you'd have the same sort of thing if you put two cats in a sack.
  17. mlee27

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    negotiate with parents? freedom?jesus all she wanted to do was got to walmart and buy some friggin cd's. what kind of world do we live in where a 17 year old girl who has her own money has to be forced to stay in the house with a misreable family...?most kids i know want to go out and party, she wanted to go cd shopping... pathetic of you to say that she should deal with it...her parents are controlling her and imo that makes kids rebel. so when she sneeks out and does start doing stupid shit who's to blame then????mmmmm
  18. freeinalaska

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    The parents of course. In the end every bad thing your kid does is your fault. Isn't it??? mlee, do you have teenagers? It may sound as simple and stupid as keeping the kid from going to Walmart, but it rarely is that simple. The OP admitted to yelling and yelling. The whole situation seem rather volatile. But the bottom line is that the parents have the last say until the kid lives on their own. It's absolutely not "pathetic" to say she should deal with it. What is she to do??? Rebel? Tell her parents to fuck off? Do whatever she wants in mom's car? She should deal with it and move the fuck out when she can. And yes negociation works with parents, kids, bosses.....
  19. Luz

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    well,i've the same problem you have but i found a solution,i do anything i want without taking their permission,going to movies,malls,cafes,anywhere and i became more peacfull with them as i try my best not to stay at home for along time,always make sth to go out of the house and it worked,try it
  20. Alaskan

    Alaskan Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Luz: I would keep you in the house until you can put together a proper sentence and paragraph that make sense.
    Your above post shows me your failing English, grounded......

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