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Discussion in 'True Confessions' started by Watermellowny, Apr 9, 2007.

  1. Watermellowny

    Watermellowny Member

    I find flaws in everybody. I am so picky. A bad hair style would make me dump the boy. I create a defense system and dont let anyone in my heart. I dont wanna be like that...
  2. Brand New Soul

    Brand New Soul Senior Member

    I know what you mean ... I guess im afraid
  3. Aesthete

    Aesthete Member

    I'm really picky, and I probably would not be able to love >99% of people. But I wouldn't go so far as to describe myself as incapable of love. No, surely not. In fact, I seek love, or at least seek it in principle and in desire.

    My pickiness really amounts to searching for exactly the best one for me. I have a picture of a person in my mind who would bear all characteristics I feel to be sublime while, like me, would bear loads of personality quirks that divorce the individual from society and from the collective. (And, yes, many such subjective sublimities do themselves divorce the individual from society and collective) Sorry, I don't want societal robots. The fun part here is that there's an acceptability gamut. :)

    But so much fantasy, so little pragmatism--that encapsulates my foolish approach to my romantic situation.
  4. Magical Fire Lady

    Magical Fire Lady Senior Member

    You gotta just open your mind and go with the flow and see what the wind blows, it is a good thing

    Maybe you're looking for flaws, and once you notice flaws thats all you see, so try to see the beauty in people cuz everyone has some
  5. MaximusXXX

    MaximusXXX Senior Member

    Yeah I have really high standards, you know how I came to cope with it? I told myself, love is just chemical composition, it doesn't matter how much you think you love someone, in the end it doesn't matter.

    I've gone through life pretty good, had quite a bit of loveless relationships, at least on my part, truth be told I really only date for sex and self satisfaction, and for sense of security. I'm jelous as hell though, I've dated women that if they were run over by a bus I'd start looking for a new gf the next day but if another guy tried to take a shot I'd kick his ass, fairly or cheaply ( never hurts to fight dirty ).

    Yeah, so that said, don't worry about it, and chances are, what you don't want to become, you probably will.
  6. The_Walrus

    The_Walrus Sgt. Pepper

    I'm a bitter person most of the time and pass too many judgments, so I can kind of see where you're coming from.

    Maybe it's hard, but you just need to eventually learn to get past the flaws of people, as we ALL have flaws. Just... sometimes certain flaws are more apparent in certain people, but eventually you can get past that.
  7. nutznfl

    nutznfl Member

    OK I'm gonna speak from a little experience,for we all are human there will be a flaw or three in everyone and in most cases those flaws are insignificant. Love is a language from the heart, we speak this language without even knowing it at times, and for some of us it takes longer than we expect to find it.I always thought id be married and have a few kids by the time i was 23-24,I didn't get married till i was 30
    because the right one was never there. for some of us the right one has always been there and we just never realized it, so dint rush things when the right one comes along you wont be able to stop things from happening, i know that if i had the ingredients to make a woman i couldn't have done as good of a job and would be much worse off. And when i did say the i do's i wasn't nervous at all, i knew just what i wanted, I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this woman and I was ready.

    love is the most sought after thing in the world and some never find it for they never look in the right place, love is always there, i found that some look so hard that they may have overlooked a few people that they may have hit it off pretty good with.
    So with that said, Be patient and above all be yourself. Love will find you and you will know it when it does.
  8. Watermellowny

    Watermellowny Member

    Tahnx for all that people!!!
    I'll won't be happy if I dont say you how gratefull I am..You, know - I just found him...He IS CUTE!!! hahaaha
  9. Court_lew_0216

    Court_lew_0216 True Aquarius

  10. Nalencer

    Nalencer Dig Yourself

    But are shallow people capable of love?
  11. Watermellowny

    Watermellowny Member

    Court_lew_0216, I won't put that that way.
    See, according to someones hairstyle, something could be concluded 'bout his lifestyle.
    But that was not my point at all. I just wrote it in order to make a clearer picture. Hiperbole - you have heard of it?
  12. Nalencer

    Nalencer Dig Yourself

    Nope. I have heard of hyperbole, though. Are they anything alike?
  13. Court_lew_0216

    Court_lew_0216 True Aquarius

    you've got a point there....

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