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Discussion in 'Philosophy and Religion' started by Share the Warmth, Apr 28, 2007.

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    I believe:

    1. We are currently engaged in a costly war over obsolete (the alternatives are everywhere) resources.
    2. Ignorance IS bliss, and too many of us are addicted to that bliss
    3. The human mind possesses limitless and eternal power, sufficient to explore and understand our universe, and one day make misery obsolete.
    4. The meaning of life is all around us, struggling to tell us, screaming as loud as it can
    5. Our hands are clamped so strongly over our ears that they're turning white
    6. One day our hands will grow so exhausted that we'll lower them, and understand.

    I want to live forever, to see it all.​
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    i believe almost all of those things too. except i think number two is an illusion.
    at least i've never found any bliss in it.
    but i do seem to be surrounded by people who are addicted to something
    mostly appearantly persuing gratification in trying to impress each other,
    a place where i've never found any either, even when i did have the means to,
    and such times there were and have been.
    number one is what we are seeing and hearing
    numbers three are six is something i believe in also
    numbers 4 and five are observable, but i think more as symtems then causes.
    also number 4 is not screaming with a human voice, though there are human voices, when all else has failed them, screaming it, nor is it screaming with the voice of any belief or collection of human voices, but with the voices intersteller space, amoebas, endangered species and the entire planet's web of life.

    but then i get the impression that's what you're saying too.
    my imbelishments are only for the illucidation of those who might otherwise choose to read these things as promoting one or another of their own favorite flavours of beliefs, and by so doing, merely continue blinding themselves with them.

    i really can't add anything to what you've said, only to keep hollering myself that
    the bliss of ignorance of honest objective scientific reality and the unknown that lies beyond but not superceeding it, is the uttermost and abject of illusions.


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