i am so sorry if these questions have been asked before...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Growing' started by miami musician, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. miami musician

    miami musician Senior Member

    but i think i'm gonna start growing... but a few questions that maybe someone can answer for me. again, i apoligize, i'm sure all of these questions have been asked before...

    1. what is the price range for a beginning grower? how much will seeds cost, lights, other growing accessories... can i do it for $300 or less?

    2. where do i buy seeds? i'm looking to start relatively soon, like in a week, so i won't be able to scrape seeds from bags or anything...

    3. how long does it usually take before i can see any progress? i've heard 3-4 months...

    4. how much does one get per plant? i mean, if i were to have 2 plants, would that be sufficient?

    thanks for reading, hopefully you all won't be too pissed... :)
  2. erowid

    erowid Member

    Im pretty sure this has been asked here and there but in the time one could get all pissed off over such a tedious thing a question might as well be answered so I'll do my best.

    Legends Broker, and Hemp Depot seem to be good. Theres a huge price range Im sure youll find something you like for 75 more or less. Lights(400W) I see on www.4hydroponics.com go for about 300, and a circulation fan would be needed yet for only two plant just make sure you have some circulation too, I don't think an inline fan or anything would be necessary. You can get your organic nutrients for probably about 30$ same sight I mentioned b4. I don't have a great deal of experience on me though, but I think that should cover ya, and for that reason I'm not even touching the yeild part of this one but I might ballpark at 100-200g every cycle under ideal conditions
  3. miami musician

    miami musician Senior Member

    so i'd probably end up spending somewhere like $500-600 bucks... not too bad, seeing as though the outcome is well worth it. i was checking on a marc emory website and some of the seeds they sell on there yield something like 200+ grams, which is incredible... it's just hard to know where to start because most people have a grasp on it already. thanks for the help man. :)
  4. ekul le chet

    ekul le chet Member

    i don't know if you'd even spend that miami, i did it pretty much all on the cheap, the most expensive thing is the light but you can pick them up pretty cheap. best thing really let us know what the space is like you can grow in, then its easier to work out what light etc you'll need :)

    heres a bit of a shopping list for you

    extractor fan ( i used 2 smaller cheaper fans to get the right extraction )
    moving fan
    plant food & nutrients
    temp/humidity meter
    ph kit

    i used all the b-cuzz soil, plant food and nutrients, and all worked ok for me. nice and simple with the b-cuzz stuff, just add a certain amount to the water at varying strengths through out the grow

    i reckon one of the most important things is getting the grow environment right, and thats easy :) keep the temperature in check, the humidity, keep the air moving and clean air coming in and old air being extracted, give the plants a little tlc, give the plants a month or so veg time, 2 months flower, 3 months after starting you'll be harvesting :)
  5. miami musician

    miami musician Senior Member

    well i have a 3wx3lx10h closet that i want to grow in... how many plants do you suspect i will be able to fit?
  6. tiedye0420

    tiedye0420 Member

    with that kinda area you should stack your grow, do two 3x3 x5's ,or a 3x3x4 and a 3x3x6 otherwise a ten foot height will not do you much good.
    3x3=9 times 50 watts you should be able to run with a 430 watt shp just fine,
    use a 250 watt halide for the upper veg/starter area.

    now for your fan-more math- 3x3x5 is 45
    times two is 90.
    so a 100 cfm fan for extraction, and probly even better get another 100 cfm for bringing air in. hot air out cool air in. two 100 cfm fans -duct to both chambers.
    im really stoned on b.h.o. right now im gonna go

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