I am planning my own funeral

Discussion in 'Old Hippies' started by livlvlife, Jan 9, 2005.

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    Now, this isn't a morbid topic, and as far as I know, I am not leaving anytime soon; BUT, I am in the last part of my life and am trying to have my earthly shit together so it isn't a burden on anyone. and lately have been to some funerals that have totally pissed me off.

    If you think about it, they are usually planned by family and/or friends that are at the height of grieving and the decisions and plans have to be done in 3-4 days. I just don't think that is fair to the people I love, and being a "control freak" I risk having some kind of ceremony that doesn't really reflect the true me.

    so, I am making a list of all the songs I want played (and hopefully will get them all complied on a CD). Songs of the 60's, early 70's, current artists, garage bands, and some "good ole religion" songs I love. Songs that promote peace, love, unity and celebration.

    The passing on celebration will need to be held in a large auditorium if it is winter or outside in a park or field (please Lord) if it is summer. There will be dancing, Nag Champa and Potcouli burning. Hopefully I also will have a video done telling all how much I love them and my life (the good and the bad cause it made me who I am). There will be "herb" in the pipes to be passed....it will be a time I can show all who I really was -some will be surprised.

    I am also hoping there will be funds available to fly in people I want to share in this celebration that are living in different corners of the country.

    There are people here that I would love to come, even if they don't know me because I don't post often and don't talk one on one with you....but I read here constantly and know many of your hearts and feel we are connected.

    Ok...so am I crazy (yes) but I am okay with that.

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    I don't think it's weird or crazy at all. I have always planned to be cremated and scattered into the Miississippi river because it's been an important part of my life. Even at a young age I thought of funeral songs, but don't really care anymore, it's a nice thought, but I'll be far beyond thinking of that when I'm dead. If music gives the survivors comfort, that's all that counts. Have mainly decided I don't want to take up space when I'm dead. I just hope that while I'm living I can make an impact, and death doesn't scare me most of the time. It's just a transition. Peace.
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    I agree. There is absolutely NOTHING morbid about planning for a funeral. It's as important as planning for a baby. In fact, I believe that we should plan for every period of our lives and adjust accordingly as we age. I wrote up a will years before I bought a house or had a car. Things change.

    You are EXTREMELY wise to make these decisions at this time and you should also give consideration to other potential mishaps. Since I am in a nursing program, I have asked that the body be divided thusly:

    If organs can be harvested, pull 'em out and give 'em away
    If organs are useless, keep the body intact and ship it off to a nursing program for cadaver dissection
    If the body can't be used that way, rip it apart and set me up like a skeleton
    And if you don't like that... then rip the bones apart and use them as disarticulated bones
    If nothing works in those plans, then just cremate the whole damned thing and sprinkle it in the soil of my olive tree. Nothing kills that thing!
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    "Expecting to fly",by Buffalo Springfield is one of my "death" songs,and all my friends around here know that.I will be buried at the local VA cemetary too.I will rest better with my fellow soldiers around me.
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    I have Lyme disease, so my organs cannot be used for transplantattion as I had planned, but I still hope to be useful when I am dead and there will be no body for my friends and family to fret over the disposal of.
    I am donating myself to science and will either help doctors learn or go to the body farm in Tennesee and help medical examiners learn how to solve murders--maybe both; that would be awesome.
    My parents are both still alive and are horrified by my plan, but my friends are all supportive. I gues my folks think that if I die before Armageddon (they are Jehovah's Witnesses), God will need my body intact to resurrect my ass. I told them that He would be able to make do somehow if He wishes to bring me back, although I certainly do have some serious doubts about that.
    There will be a party for my friends to remember me as I was in life,and I hope a splendid time will be had by one and all. If I can, I plan to come back and visit them all once I am gone from this physical plane...I'm in no hurry, mind you, but I am not afraid, and I think it's very sensible to make your own arrangements; sensible, loving, and thoughtful.
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    I'm all for planning your own funeral....I planned mine years ago. First of all, after my organs have been donated it's gonna be cremation for me....*poof*....gone. Oh, and I've told my family I don't wanna funeral, just a celebration (we all have talked about it so there's no confusion when one of us kicks it)...BUT, they've gotta play Hendrixs' "Little Wing" (not throughout the whole thing...once would be fine). My cremains will be buried in one of our family plots. We have a row of 'em for when we go....my grandma bought 'em. Now there's a woman who thinks ahead!!

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