I am amazed at one phenomenon of our foreign policy

Discussion in 'Globalization' started by Alex75, Apr 4, 2007.

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    I am amazed at one phenomenon of our foreign policy. We are spreading democracy worldwide to get more local leaders prone to totalitarian ways in the result! In post communist countries at least there are few sound democracies if any. Baltic states are the worst in this respect. They’ve gone too far. I mean those Nazi marches and monuments to SS collaborators and all that. Well, in the Ukraine it’s better ‘course …. though Bush’s henchman Yuschenko is no exemplary democratic leader surely. And his latest effort to accumulate all political power into his hands is path to dictatorship not democracy. Same story is with Georgian strongman… that freak Mikie Saakashvili. To make things worse he’s prone to corruption and somewhat criminal dealings. Both Saakashvili and Yuschenko are turning their back against their own constitutions and human rights of their citizens as well. In Poland those twins at the top are thinking too much of themselves as well ….and they started to curtail democracy I think.
    In a shell, this is not looking very much inspiring. And I don’t observe any bright perspectives here. Both in the Ukraine and Georgia to say nothing of Baltic countries we can soon face classical dictatorships of Hussein type. This means we’ll have to sort it out with them then like we are doing it presently in Iraq. Damn with it at all! No more of that. No #2 Iraq. Honestly I’d prefer the Hague Tribunal for those naughty boys now then inevitable deaths of our guys in future settlement missions. Fed up with that stuff already.
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    when did america become a democracy????did i miss that news flash???i must have been asleep when that happened!!!
  3. Pixieface

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    oh by the way welcome to the chat
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    spooner is done.

    The sad fact is that it is near-impossible to simply put democracy in the constitution without have democratic society pre-existing.
  5. sentient

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    The USA has never put a single democracy in place - not one - infact its destroyed quite a few and put dictatorships there.

    So what y6ou are waffling on about I will never know OP
  6. Haid

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    Which democracies do you think the US distroyed exactly?
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    A bunch of south and ceteral american countries. Nicaragua for one.
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  9. TreePhiend

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    True, I guess I did forget the exact circumstances a bit, but the point is still there. Wiki said that the sandinistas came to power from free elections, so therefore I think under a somewhat broad definition of democracy they could be included. Then the US backed the Contras, who were much more conservative and totalitarian.

    Also Argentina is an OK example durring the times of the millitary dictatorships from about 1977-83. The US backed and supported the millitary leaders who were violating human rights all over the place, kidnapping, torturing and imprisoning thousands for basically no reason.

    I guess to get back to the original point, I am not as familliar with the baltic states and the former soviet block as I am with US involvement in latin america, but I'd love to hear about that too.
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    We aren't spreading democracy, that's a marketing term. What we are doing is trying to establish PSAs for the multinational petroleum industry in the Middle East. What the US did in Panama and Nicaragua is something I don't totally understand, but I am sure it benefitted the inner circle.
  12. gardener

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  13. Alixi

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    Holy Shit, People?!?!

    do you realize you can just go and post whatever you want on wiki sites? and you say it's vaid? HAHAHAHA!!!

  14. sentient

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    were those professors from the University of Dumbfuck ?
    because several Harvard, Yale, Cambridge UK, Oxford Uk, and UCL uk, and other leading universities in the world, have professors who post there and edit the work, also its open source so if any incorrect facts are there feel free to change them.
    If they thought the information was bad there - they were always free to change it
    until they ban you and re-edit the work, yeah - so go enter the discussion on wikipedia into quantum entanglement theory and lets just see how far you get dumbass
  15. I believe what happened was in Mena, Arkansas two teenagers saw a secret CIA cocaine drop they were both assassinated. Basically the CIA used the cocaine money to fund the right wing extremist contrarevolucion down in Nicaragua to fight the leftwing guys.
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